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Thread: footpeg relocators for K100

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    footpeg relocators for K100

    Due to arthritis, and probably old age, I would like to have more leg room on the K100RT I am considering buying. In particular I would like my knee angle to be a little less acute. I know relocators are available for the R1100/1150RTs that do this. Is there anything for K100s? Any other ideas---apart from not buying it.I've already thought of that!

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    footpeg relocators for K100


    Just an idea here:
    I took a Corbin (Gunfighter) seat and had the "rider" portion moved back a couple of inches. That gave me more room to for my legs.
    The down side was that it reduced the passenger's room by that same couple of inches!
    So I was very comfortable for a couple of years (until Paula figured it out). (Maybe that's why we've got a K1100LT now.)

    If you're riding a lot of solo, take a close look at what you can do with the seat. It's cheaper, and might work out better.


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    Hyway pegs

    I am not sure if this is what you would be interested in, but I too have arthritis and have had three knee surgeries. I ride a 93-K1100LT and have added hyway pegs that screw into the top mount hole of the roll bars or engine guards if you will. I have ridden as much as 8 hours and not had a problem as it allows more "positioning" to relieve discomfort. Not sure if you can use them, but I got them through BOB's BMW.
    Good luck - hope this helps!
    & Calypso

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