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I don't believe the pixel density/inch (resolution) is impacted by the size of the image.

That may be another setting on your cam (fine?)
yes quite right, most cameras I've seem/used/played around with have several differant options for any given image size something like:
Fine, Standard and Low

Superfine, fine and standard

(or the equvilant).

It can get a bit confusing since it would seem that at a given size the density of the pixel would/should be the same. ???
Yet, say with my G9, (which I happen to have sitting here on my desk) for an image size setting of "M3" it has "Superfine, Fine and Standard" options for picture quality yet they are all listed as 1200x1600 image size, for the M3 setting.

So for any given image size go for highest quality option available.


(ok, now *I'm* confused! )