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    Video Cameras

    We've got a video thread going now....but I thought one on video cameras would be interesting. There are alot of new cameras on the market or coming onto the market this year that use flash memory/SD/SDHC cards. Everything from small palm-sized cameras meant for web/Youtube type quality to prosumer HD camcorders in the $3,000+ range.

    Personally, I'm tired of shooting on Mini DV tape and ready for solid state media.

    Here's what I'm think of for taking on the motorcycle:
    Canon FS-11 (available in April)

    To replace my Panasonic prosumer AG-DVC30:
    Panasonic AG-HMC150 (available late 2008)

    Other ideas or cameras to consider?

    Gary Benson
    Eagle River, Alaska
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    Probably want to keep an eye on Red.

    The former founder of Oakley wanted to get into the digital camera business. His team has developed the Red camera. It's the first serious alternative to Panavision cameras for motion picture use and they are a fraction of the cost. They record 24 or so high-definition still images (even in RAW!) per second and record them to an array of 8gb CF cards.

    This portends a lot of interesting innovations in consumer video and still photo equipment. Perhaps one day there won't be a differentiation between the two categories.

    They run about $30,000 each, depending on the configuration, but that's bound to change in the not-too-distant future.

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    Because we're generally talking about motorcycles here, I'll ask for your thinking on a couple of points:

    1. Are the various versions of solid state going to be suitable for use on a motorcycle? Pick your own story about why the camera and the motorcycle will be rolling at the same time. Tape seems to be fairly robust.

    2. I'd really like the small cameras, like the helmet-cam, to improve. The quality is still not up to a conventional consumer DV. For motorcycle riding that seems to be where the biggest improvement could come. Any chance?

    3. I've been thinking about a better camera next summer, maybe a Sony HVR V1U. The owner of a local production company suggested that camera, but it doesn't seem to be very popular. The main point, though, is that people run hot and cold on GOP. I guess the hot and cold part means that they find it acceptable under the circumstances, versus wouldn't deal with it. Would you delay getting a camera, particularly high definition, until (pro)consumer cameras move past that?


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