Well Im back from another adventure on the high seas, this time to Balize and Cozumel, aboard what turns out to be the biggest class of passenger liner in the world. Let me tell you this thing was HUGH! At over 1100 feet in length and 15 decks above sea level, it had 4 restaurants, around 8 bars and nightclubs, a promenade over 500 feet and 6 stories tall, two pool decks, a two story theater, and ice rink and casino, holding 3100 passengers and a crew of 1200, it literally is a floating self-contained city. It took me almost 15 minutes to walk the perimeter of the ship on deck 4, which is at the level of greatest circumference.

In Balize we visited a ruins of a ceremonial place of the Mayans, but didnt get to see much of the city. But what we did see instantly told you, you werent in Kansas anymore. With only 4 major highways, that in the US would not even measure up to a 2-lane back road, very few vehicles, and not much in the way of industry or infrastructure as we know it, it has a long way to go. Yet even so, it has come a long way since its independence in the 80s, the people were very friendly and animated, the food was tasty and they hold a great deal of pride in their heritage, both Mayan and the many races/cultures that comprise this small country, Jeanne and I both hope to return. This trip also adds another contentment to places I have traveled, with only Antarctica, South America and Australia left to go!

So here are some pictures..

First off a few of Belize, there are more coming but for now
Two extremes of homes, most fall somewhere in-between, with the majority being on the lower end

A school house all schools are run by the Catholics but are funded by the government and education is mandatory

some pics of the gardens at Casers Palace, one of the few up-scale eaterys shopping centers, geared mostly toward tourists

Some remains of wall paintings in the Mayan Palace in one of the sleeping chambers, it was shots like these where the G9 really shines with the IS, since you cant use flash inside the structures.

And a bunch from around the ship, mostly un edited

The next were all taken with the G9

end of part one