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    I just bought a 04 GS Adventure and have come to the conclusion that the stock lights are inadequate to say the least. I would like some opinions as to what is the best system. PIAA's, Hid's etc.

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    First post I didn't clarify what kind of bike I have. Its a BMW not KTM
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    It kind of depends on where you ride and what you feel are your lighting priorities.

    I recently installed a set of motolights with the 55 watt bulbs. They are fantasitic where I live (North Georgia mountains) because they help me see through the corners at night and I don't have to turn them off when I have oncoming traffic.

    If you mostly ride in flat terrain, you would probably be happier with PIAA's or some other light that projects further down the road.

    Regardless, if your KTM is anything like my bikes stock lighting system, anything will be a marked improvement.

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    Hands down, I love the quality of the MotoLights for sure!! They recently came out with an improved set that attaches to the brake calipers instead of the older ones that mounted to the forks. The other way cool thing is you can buy this switch from that allows you to use the turn signal cancel button as an ON OFF switch. You simply press and hold the cancel button for two seconds and a little green LED light shows green when they are on. Hold the cancel button in again to shut them off. When the bike starts, they're off causing less drain when starting the bike.

    I ride an RT and typically the PIAA's get mounted higher in the intake of the fairing under the headlight.

    Both give off good light, however in my opinion since the MotoLights are lower, you end up with a bigger profile with the spacing between the MotoLights and the headlights. To exaggerate what I'm saying, pretend the added lights were placed on both sides of the main headlight. You'd have good light only it's all coming from one cluster.

    Since most of my riding is in daylight, they help me be seen by oncoming traffic. Having them low keeps them out of the eyes of drivers yet they give off super light and iluminate the road great at night. When I ride with friends who have extra lights, you can see them over a mile a way coming down the road. I feel much more confident about being seen now that I have the lights.

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    Another vote for PIAAs. I has the 1100s on my R11RS, and they made night riding on back roads fun again.
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    I'm on my second set of Motolights and I am very pleased. I prefer to mount them high though, as high on the slider as I can. i also prefer the strap mount because it allows you adjust the lights for a little outward angle. With them both striaght ahead the light tends to overlap and form a tight spot right in front, but with them angled out a little you can get a good splash that overlaps less in the middle and illuminates the road shoulders too. Great product!
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