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Thread: A Wyoming Warning for GS riders

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    A Wyoming Warning for GS riders

    Almost forgot!!

    If any of you GS folks venture off road in Wyoming this summer, beware of any wet ground you might encounter. We've got alot of bentonite in this state, especially in the western areas and it is slicker than grease when it gets wet.

    I relearned this lesson tonight on a quick ride in the sage with a friend. We were on a two track and came up on some wet patches due to snow melt. Needless to say, I went down. First time on a BIG bike. I'm o.k. I think I might have pulled a stomach muscle from laughing too hard but it's all good. Just thought I'd pass this along.

    Better get back to finishing the overhaul of the KLR650.

    peace, bob

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    interesting... this stuff looks alot like kaolin that we have here in GA.

    pure grease when wet.

    thanks for the heads up.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Exclamation Wyoming Roads

    Just a little reminder...
    With wyoming being the "last frontier", there aren't too many roads that are actually paved...highways and main roads through town are paved, but alot of side and service roads aren't. And yes, you can get lost on those unpaved roads. GPS helps alot. Also, a few warnings. We have wind, lots and lots of it, so be carefull. Especially at dusk, it seems to pick up then. In general, I want too remind all of you to be carefull of those darn truckers. It is never good to hear about another rider struck down by a trucker who wasn't paying attention. Just remember that those of us who are used to driving out in the free open space, we like our space. All over wyoming, you will find alot of people who are living and working here who aren't from here as well. Wyoming is booming with the Oil & Gas industry. There are alot of people who are in a hurry to go nowhere and alot of people who would rather take all day to get there and enjoy the scenery. It's a different world out here.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the heads-up. I believe that this is the same stuff I found on 'Haul Road' in Alaska last summer..
    It sticks like glue too...

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    I've been thinking about which bike to bring to the rally. I have a K100LT that I took to the last rally and was great because it was mostly slab for me going out and back due to time constaints.

    My other bike is an older KLR-650 that I use for the mountains west of town. I spent the winter working on it and replaced the stock tank with the military IMS tank (approx 6.5 gals), new seat and matching green plastic (was the white with the blue and green decals).

    Base upon your comment about the roads I'm leaning towrds the KLR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DonK100LT View Post

    Base upon your comment about the roads I'm leaning towrds the KLR.
    I have been thinking that a KLR or something similar will be the ideal mount for this rally.

    I hope as well that there is a good bike-washing facility. i have ridden in a lot of Bentonite clay, and know from hard experience that if you don't hose it off before it sets, you might have to chisel it off.

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