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Thread: 1991 K100RS paint code cross match?

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    1991 K100RS paint code cross match?

    I have a 1991 K100RS that I'm restoring and will be painting it soon, the original paint code was 675 metallic red. Does anyone know if their is a cross match to PPG, dupont etc or another color that is close? The original red was faded so taking it in for color match is useless.



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    675 is a BMW number, but there is a Glasurit number that cross-references, and that will probably cross-reference to a number of cheaper paints. The Glasurit paint is expensive.
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    bmw paint code

    I am changing the the color on my sons k-75 from a deep red to a bmw blue. The code for the blue was 680 from a 92rs k-100. I went to a local dupont store to cross match that number and found that they had a paint that matched the code.STANDOX was the name of the paint.It is supposed to be a high end paint, at $95 a quart and $ 95 a gallon for the reducer it should be.I went with a dupont paint that was close in color for $30 a quart.The store said that I could have brought in a fender in the color I wanted and they could scan it and matched it by mixing the color themselves.I just went with a different color.

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