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Thread: Hyper lites on R1100RT

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    Hyper lites on R1100RT

    Hey, anyone install hyper lites on an RT? Their website shows an install on the back rack. I can't figure out how the installer stuck them to the bottom of the rack (it's hollow). Any other ideas? I would prefer to place them higher than under the taillight (I ride year round in the Pacific Northwest- home of the world's worst drivers!).


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    Another idea

    Hyperlights were on my bike when I bought it, but they're under the tail light and pretty much worthless.

    I mounted a license plate LED brake light (25.00 in Stich catalog) on the lid of my top case. It puts the light closer to eye level of cage drivers, and is plenty bright. I used an SAE plug to disconnect it when I remove the topcase, which for me is almost never. The wires fit in the gap between case and lid, with the gasket compressing around it. It's held in place along the side by Marine Goop. Been there 3 seasons, no problems, no leaks. It was a bit of a pain to mount due to double wall contsruction at the back of the lid. I drilled through with the smaller bit (3/16?) then opened the inside hole as big as needed for the nut and socket (5/8?).

    It looks good and makes a lot of light.

    Also, my wife gave me a spare stick-on LED light. It fits perfectly on a flat spot inside the lid and shines straight down when the lid is raised. 3 thousand miles and it's still sticking.
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    I'm moving this thread to the oilhead tech section since it will receive more attention there..
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