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Thread: Winter Around the World

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    Winter Around the World

    Okay since i never passed a reading class though i speak 13 different languages and on a good day my second language is English, which is all that can be confirmed as an actually lanugage... and mostly I was totally a gooffy goober with this weeks photo assigment...

    Here is a thread for you winter enjoying persons to share some great shots or just fav shots of winter sinces that move you and that you took... they can be from this week or from 5 years ago... Around the world there is always an endless winter somewhere...

    Theme: Winter
    1 rule: you must have taken the image.

    Corrections are fully allowed

    here are the ones i accidently posted in the weekly photo assigment thread..

    Radhost, Czech Republilc, the chappel on the top of the mountain near the inn... near the beer god statue of Radhost...

    shot with a D70 Nikon on Auto mode... not color corrected

    Just for comparison for you all to see the finished image... did a curves correction first for the color in the image for the cruscifix... then i did my levels to get a bit more contrast, then magic wanded the sky and created a new layer for just the sky color corrections... did the curves and levels for the sky to where i wanted it and for how i remember the sky being that day. then did a feathered edge of the selection for the sky around the top edge of the stone cross... then i used a combination of both my stamp(cloning tool) and the Bluring tool to blend the "white-line" effect that is caused by the sky layer and the cross layer having a sharp boundary edge... this took about an hour of time to correct...
    the final Image

    Second one..

    Remarkables Ski Area, New Zealand, above the lake coluriers

    Mt Cook, NZ

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    Great shots!

    The cold of winter comes through.

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