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Thread: 04 R1150RT question

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    Question 04 R1150RT question

    This bike is new to me. Prior bikes were not RT's so i need a little guidance. Is there a site that details how to strip the bike of the faring in an orderly manner. I would like to see what is under that great looking dress. Thanks.

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    A good site for the RT would be BMW Sport Touring at www.
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    take your time and after the first try it gets easier. toughest for me are the two screws under the light near the "grill". also, be careful poping off the mirrors. come off very easy and on a hot, humid florida day, prior to attaching tethers, one of mine became a hacky sack for the onlookers as it slid out of my hand. live and learn.

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    You can probably follow the seams around once you get the mirrors off and see all the screws you need to take out with the exception of the two directly above the heads. I always take them out in order as I go around the parts clockwise. Remember not to tighten them until you have them all started and be careful of the tabs that extend from the side panels up into the nose fairing.

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