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Thread: How many States have you ridden your bike in?

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    Only 16
    Raleigh, NC
    1600 GTL

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    Northern Front Range, CO
    still missing a few. this thread might have inspired me to do a Candian Rockies loop next year.

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    46 states and 6 Canadian Provinces.

    Too technically challenged to figure out how to use that really cool map thing.

    May have been in 48 states, but can't remember being in Rhode Island and Delaware. It was in the 1980's if I was.
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    So far just 6. But certainly more to come!
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    47, missing Alaska, Hawaii , & Road Island

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    How many states

    Still need to get Alaska, Minnesota and North Dakota under my belt. Not counting Canada and Mexico, long way to Alaska, and don't have a snorkel tall enough to make it to Hawaii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1074 View Post
    Still need to get Alaska, Minnesota and North Dakota under my belt. Not counting Canada and Mexico, long way to Alaska, and don't have a snorkel tall enough to make it to Hawaii.
    Missing Alaska
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    Hope to pick up the western states next year with the trip to Salem for the National. That will just leave Delaware to complete the lower 48.

    What the hell is there in Delaware and you don't have to go thru it to get anywhere...

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    the list is long but lets start with...

    ... to get to Philadelphia from the south; to enter the DelMarva Peninsula from the north (chincoteague, assateague, and Ocean City MD), visit the first state to sign the consitution, and most importantly for you to complete your lower 48. If you come through to complete your goal, the first beer is on me.

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    Travelled across Canada once and several US "loops" from my Toronto base
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    32 so far, could have picked up a few more this summer but drove up to Vancouver B.C. in the car instead.


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    Lemme See . .

    Counting all machines, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, DC, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Texas - 17 plus DC. DC ought to count for several. I got caught on the Beltway in the weekday evening rush hour.

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    Have rode all the eastern provinces and need only a few more states to complete the lower 48.
    Plan on a cross country tour to Alaska in the future, and we rented a HD in Maui so even though it may not have been a BMW and since it would have been impossible for me to ride mine there, I include it in my "Collection of Places Rode."
    We ;(my Bride and I); have rode to all these places during the past three years. After spending the last thirty in hiatus it's time to ride again.
    Plan on a trip south along the Natchez Trace and then on to Key West this spring to pick up the southern states.

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    After a career in the military I've actually seen more of the world than I have of my own country, but every year that changes just a bit more. I'm really looking forward to the ride to Salem this year as a chance to meet more of the people I served and the nation I love.

    And yes, I have had a couple of beers tonight!
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    Map Update

    Guess it is time for the wife and I to leave the east and go west.
    Now if I could just get the time off from work for a couple of weeks!!
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