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Thread: 101 Sth of Garberville - Alt Route

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    101 Sth of Garberville - Alt Route


    Not being a local, but with the prospect of riding this stretch later next month, I'm hoping someone can tell me if there is a detour to bypass this section of Hwy 101 in Northern California.

    It seems that there is a significant rock slide just north of Leggett on the section of 101 (Redwood Highway) South of Garberville.
    Looking on Google Maps this area of Northern California seems to use 101 exclusively to go North-South.

    Is there an alternative route or a local detour around this, short of heading a long way east onto Hwy 5?

    Thanks for any local knowledge on this.
    Mark Hubble
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    Might be open by the weekend?

    Had another slide blockage in February.

    Pack your shovel.
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