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Thread: What's on your hard drive?

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    3.2 gigs of landscapes and riding pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by SheRidesABeemer View Post
    Really, you have an HD? I'll ask Kev if I can store my pics in his HD...not sure how safe they will be.
    Gail, you can't store pics on a HD. They eventually all become blurry from the constant vibration.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rapid_Roy View Post
    There isn't anyway you are going to outrun that ICBM on HD. I hope you have something faster.
    Oh, I've got something faster.

    Quote Originally Posted by gabentx View Post
    Unless SmugMug goes out of business, has a hardware failure of thier own, etc. Unlikely but possible. Kind of like preparing for the worst with your riding equipment. At least that's my thoughts.
    That isn't really a problem because I'd still have the pictures on my Hard Drive. Of course it would be a problem if BOTH of them went south at the same time (nuclear missle attack) but I'm comfortable with those odds, which I calculate to be in the billions.

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    I'm quickly eating up space since getting a 10 megapixel camera. I have a number of gigs that need to be backed up. As an IT guy (systems administrator) I'm obsessive about data backups and hardware redundancy. At home, I rarely back anything up. I know, it's kind of weird, since I know the nightmare that is lost data, Just last week I dug out an old unused hard drive and copied all the important stuff over there. That will work as a stopgap measure. I'd hate to be forced to spend a grand or more to send a failed hard drive off to some data recovery people to restore my trip photos. BTW: if anyone has a hard drive fail, those data recovery places can really, REALLY work wonders. Sometimes they can be expensive, but if you HAVE to have those files back, give one of them a call.

    Now I'm busy copying personal files off my work laptop to my home computer, since I'm changing jobs. Then I'll get my new laptop and start all over again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdmetzger View Post
    I'm quickly eating up space since getting a 10 megapixel camera.
    I know the feeling. It gets worse if you have multiple versions of large .tif files that haven't been flattened in Photoshop. Years ago when I was messing around with X-Pan files the transparency scans were over 500 MB each!

    I probably have 10s of thousands of photo files on my hard drives. Once upon a time I made a semi-serious effort to back up those I felt were important. It was a lot of work and consumed a lot of time, so now I just wing it and hope for the best.

    A photographer friend of mine (works for a museum) keeps all his critical work on two mirrored hard drives, when the HDs fill up, he swaps them out, shelves them, and just adds new drives. Sort of expensive, but I guess if one's work has value, it's a prudent thing to do.

    Over the years I've accidentally deleted more files than I care to think about. I've got almost 11,000 images on Pbase and some of them are the only remaining versions--useless at 4"x6" and 72 dpi.
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    We got our 1st digital camera in 2000
    Voni got the camera, I got an external CD burner,
    Every now and then I would backup photos to CD.

    We start a new photos folder, with subfolders, lots of them, every year.

    Finding stuff from prior years off of CD got to be a big pain so I got an external hard drive for storage. Still burn CD's (now DVDs) too as archival backups. kept in a firesafe.

    The photos now stored on that external HD:

    27.2 gig
    41,746 files in 546 folders. That does not count 2008.

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    But I have TWO grandboys!

    And sunsets.

    And sunrises.

    And mountains. And roads.

    I need all those pictures.

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    Voni, thanks for getting up early and getting those sunrise pics! I mean someone has to (and they are red!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voni View Post
    But I have TWO grandboys!

    And sunsets.

    And sunrises.

    And mountains. And roads.

    I need all those pictures.


    Are you at least putting comments of keywords on the pictures so they might make sense to the grandkids when you will them your plethora of images? My mother was a shutterbug and I have photos of family members going back 70-80 years - too bad I haven't a clue who half of the people are! I can't say that I'm even doing that myself yet, but it might be a good idea for those who get this stuph down the road..

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