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Thread: 1723 miles for me.

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    1723 miles for me.

    Who would like to ride with me to the Rally from PA in under 36 hours?

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    i will be riding from Westchester co. NY but my route will be 350 miles of secondary roads on day one. another 350 miles of secondary roads for day two before running the slab into Gillette. for my return trip i plan on doing the iron butt saddle sore 1000, which is 1000 miles in 24hrs. although i will be taking much longer then you to reach Gillette if you want a riding partner for the return trip let me know.

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    I'm not heading to the rally, but I plan to make a trip to Southern Wisconsin at around the same time. I am in Northern NJ, and will be traveling to Madison, WI. I am up for about a two day trip for that distance, and certainly could use some company for riding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtboring View Post
    Who would like to ride with me to the Rally from PA in under 36 hours?
    If all works out, leaving from Pittsburgh Tuesday 15, afternoon or Wednesday 16, 4 a.m. I was planning on doing 36 or maybe go for 24.
    What's your plan.

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    Leaving from Fredericksburg, VA

    I will be leaving Fredericksburg, VA probably on Sunday afternoon. Driving a short distance before a break. Then using the superslab to there via I-70 then cut up north after getting past Chicago on smaller roads go gillete. My distance is somewhere over 1700mi as well.. But I won't be doing any Iron Butt sleep driving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtboring View Post
    Who would like to ride with me to the Rally from PA in under 36 hours?
    Averaging just a bit under 48mph for 36 straight hours, too much for me. I am not going anyway, too far, can not take enough time off. Possibly a future rally closer to home. Hope you find a riding companion.
    Good luck and ride safe.
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    '02 R1150 RT

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    I plan on leaving Florence S.C. on the 14th and arrive on the 16th. will be riding a 99 RT. Kenny G. (no I don't play a Sax)

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    Two of us are heading from CT/MA on the 15th. Going to try to do 1500 miles in the first 24hrs and then the rest the following day. Slabbing all the way or that's the plan at least. Total should be about 2000 miles.

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    montreal to gillette

    leaving the 17 of july I hope to make it in 36 hours. hope to meet
    peaple on my way . excuse my writting i'm french...

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    Cool Riding partner to gilette from IL

    Presuming i can get time off work, my plan is to leave the weekend before, july 12/13, maybe 14th and take my time to get there and enjoy the adventure - i'm a newer rider and the K75 and i are still learning - i've ridden west just 1x to devils tower, rode most of US20 there and I90 back - would like to ride a different route for the experience

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    1,510 miles for me from the NW corner of PA, but I am going to take a leisurely drive out

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    804 miles there, 4,000 miles home.

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