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    More G9 images

    On the way in to work I took a few more shots of the Clifton store with the new G9, man I am SO loving this rig!

    1/6 F2.8 muilti-pattern focus/exposure 7.4mm (wide angle) mounted on the gorillapod slipped over the car windoo

    a close-up of the window 1/10 f4.8 -1.0EV 44 mm

    same shot at 1/13 f4.8 44 mm -.7EV

    and a shaky shot of the da moon 1/6 f4.8 44mm


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    RAW vs JPEG

    More G9 shots, a study of RAW vs JPEG

    man, I am so diggin‘«÷ this little unit‘«™.

    Taken outside my office yesterday as I was watching the clouds in case the storms came in and I might want to leave work early as I was on the bike‘«™

    Note: on these first four the camera white balance was set to incandescent which I did on purpose to see how it would effect RAW and jpeg data files and had the G9 set to make copies of each shot using both formats.

    First shot is raw format untouched except for direct conversion to jpeg

    Next is jpeg untouched right out of the camera, you can see the color shift due to the white balance setting that doesn‘«÷t show up nearly as much in the RAW data since raw doesn‘«÷t do post-processing in the camera

    Next is the same files with some very basic editing in the RAW file below I used the white balance adjustment by picking on a white point in the pic basically I used the brightest point in the center of the clouds mid-picture

    Then in the jpeg I used the ‘«£color correction‘«ō option in Photoshop elements 6
    Again picking the same white point in the center of the clouds

    What‘«÷s interesting is that edited version of the jpeg is probably closer to the actual darkness of the clouds than any of the other files, while the unedited original RAW is closer color in so far as unedited goes since is not effected by the white balance nearly as much as the jpeg. That is one of the really nice points of RAW as far as I‘«÷m concerned, the ability to adjust the white point (or color temperature) after the fact, that you can‘«÷t do directly with jpeg files, though you can use the color correction tools, I like the RAW tool better. teh down side is that you HAVE to edit/convert every file in RAW, least if you want to share/post/print it.

    Finally two more jboth un-edited with the white ballance set to daylight

    First is RAW undedited and the next is the same picture in jpeg again with the camera set to save each image in both formats right in the camera


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    Nice shots, Jeff, and an interesting study, too. I love the first shot of the store, though I can sure see what they mean by "noisy" above ISO 100. How do you like the IS?

    You're going to make me do this, aren't you?

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    Every Canon digital camera I've worked with has been "noisy" above ISO 200, but superb in the 50-80 ISO range. In a way it's been a lot like shooting with Velvia. The 20D was sort of an exception because it would do well with good light at 400 ISO (not clean, but relatively less noisy). I haven't shot with any of the newer generation (post 20D) Canons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SNC1923 View Post
    Nice shots, Jeff, and an interesting study, too. I love the first shot of the store, though I can sure see what they mean by "noisy" above ISO 100. How do you like the IS?

    You're going to make me do this, aren't you?

    all in all I'm having a blast with it and I'll have to try the store at lower ISO settings when I have time. those were done at auto and it went to 800. I did a crop of the plane shot from this AM (set at 100 ISO) and again you can start to see some noise so i don't see this as a replacement for my D80 but the sony Cyber shot W100 is gonna get pretty dusty now!
    The other drawback, if you will, is that it won't do RAW and jpeg med or small, just jpeg large so it really eats up the 4 gig card if I have both going. It would be nice to have jpeg small like my DSLR cause I like to download the pic's into my Archos 605 PVP to view the results while on the go or on travel, (it has an 800x640 display) but whatcha gonna do?
    The face decection mode can be a bit cludgy as well if there are more than just one or two so don't know if I'll use that much. we'll see. The viewfinder is nice and sharp and easy to view thru, even with glasses though with the option for grid lines in the 3" display and with IS I'm shooting more with it at arms length something that the other P&S didn't handle well below 1/125.
    I like the color rendition and with many of the test shots I've done, then run thru auto correction in PS unlike the sony, ofhen there are very little changes made by PS. And I love the way you can push the function set button and most of the main most used function pop up around the display so you can move between them quickly without going in and searching thru several levels of menus.

    Gee, I quess I'm kinda hooked, huh?


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    and five more all un-edited just resized down to 800


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    So my camera arrived last night. I unpacked, already had a charged battery, and pretty much flew out the door to go play poker.

    On the way home, after midnight, and with a few more dollars than I left home with, I stopped to snap a few pictures with my Bogen window-mount "tripod."

    Here are my first three efforts:

    Prime cut, a local gourmet butcher shop. Pricey, but the best ribs money can buy locally.

    It's rather amazing and not a little incongruous to run across a wine bar in Bakersfield.

    Nearing home, 50 mph, reeking of cigars. The host's wife made killer sausage spaghetti and offered blueberry pie for dessert. There might have been some Jack Daniel's thrown into the mix sometime during the evening.

    All shot with long exposures, ISO 80, RAW. Click on the image for exif.

    These are unretouched snapshots, of course, but so far I'm impressed. Four of us are headed out to the RV show this afternoon. I'll try to get some comparison shots with the G9 and the 40D.

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    Well, my G9 and I made it to the RV show, but my 4 gig SD card decided to stay home. I did get these shots yesterday on a ride to the coast, however. I must say, so far, I'm really impressed with this little camera.

    By the way, I went on a quest for a case for this camera and came up with a Tamrac T92. Has a strap, you can carry it on your belt, and there's room for a battery and spare SD card—under $20. FYI.

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