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Thread: trailer rentals at the rally

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    trailer rentals at the rally

    Has anyone ever rented a trailer at any of the perivous rallys and have ANY idea what that would cost at Wy? Myself and two others are considering going this route so as not having to bring camping gear since we are all planning on extended rides home and packing that for 7 additional days just adds time to each overnight stop. yes and I realize we can just ship the stuff home as an option if we do camp and I don't really want to camp in the camping villages being set up. If I camp it would be in the quiet area.

    So that said, anyone ever done this and have a general idea of the cost before I place an add in the local papers?



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    We rented one in West Bend. Cost was similar to the local motels...maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less. Trailer availablility will differ in every location. Around West Bend there were a number of places to rent from so the cost was reasonable.

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