OK photographers, vacation's over. It's time to get back to some photography. Since it's been a while, we humbly remind you of these simple rules:

  • Photos must be shot between Fri. 02/01/08 and Sun. 02/10/08.
  • You must provide the EXIF information if asked (we'll help you, if you'd like to know how to get it).
  • No photoshop alteration (we're looking to improve your skills with your camera, not software).
  • Your photograph must adhere to the theme, which will be described below.
  • Post only one photo per post, so that commentary can be easily provided for that photo. You may post more than one photo, but try to keep it to a handful.
  • Title your photo so it can be referred to later.
  • Post your photos in this thread only. Do not start a thread in reply to this assignment. Please post your photos no later than next Wednesday.
  • And, the most important rule: have fun! We're looking to spread the joy that many of us derive from taking pictures, particularly ones that tell a story of some kind.

This week's theme: "Winter"

Many of us are suffering from cabin fever and simply can't ride. Others of us are be inundated by torrential rains. Some of us live in sunny locales and are gleefully riding day in and day out. What does winter mean to you? Try to avoid walking out the front door and shooting the snow in your yard; instead, take your time and compose a thoughtful photograph that says, "This is my winter."

This assignment may prove to be a challenge for those of us in the Southwest and Southeast. Remember, this photo doesn't have to be stereotypically winter, but should say "winter" nonetheless.

TIP: If snow predominates your photo, trying overexposing (as much as two stops). This will render the snow bright white instead of a dull gray.

Now put your galoshes on and get shooting.