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Tom, your cave shot is great. One of the best I've seen. They are a challenge, those damn incandescents...

I've shot two caves; keepers=zero

What lens did you use, did you use flash? Which cave.

Thanks, dude.

That was one of those lucky shots. It's a lava tube on the big island.

Click on the image above for the exif. I shot it with a Canon S330 (2 megpixel!) and, I was surprised to see, a 1 second exposure. I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii, so I know I didn't have a tripod. I must have balanced it on my knee or perhaps a hand railing. The tunnel is illuminated, evenly as it turns out, so this was not too hard. I've got quite a few lousy tunnel shots myself. They are deceptively difficult to photograph.