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Thread: Why do you like to post bike pictures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grossjohann View Post
    Exhausted, drawn and quartered?
    In a State!

    Four States actually, none of which were exhaustion, nor sartorial from the look of my dishevilment.

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    My memory sucks and my hard drive might crash.
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    With life as hectic as it is, it seems my whole world revolves around work, work, work. Family is important too. Work is what I do. Family is my foundation.
    My bike is WHO I AM. On the road, my R1200C and I become one.

    Inspiration to buy my BMW in the first place, and beautiful places to ride all come from folks like you. I hope to pass that torch on to others sitting on the fence, watching life go by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SheRidesABeemer View Post
    Here on this site, those pictures are sort of ho hum.
    The only pictures that I find ho-hum are those taken in someone's driveway or in a dough-nut shop parking lot; you know...a pic I would normally see in a sales brochure.

    Quote Originally Posted by SheRidesABeemer View Post
    We out do each other with the cool places we've been and places we've seen, on our bikes.
    Now those I like as long as they include interesting scenery that shows what the area is like. Whether anyone is trying to out-do anyone ...something I've never considered considering how lousy my pics are.

    But it is those pic and video presentations at club meetings and on forums that do inject the craving to see whats at the far end of the horizon and beyond.

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    Been there done that. Got the photo.

    Big Sky Country.
    Stephen Burns - 2007 R1200GS
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    Dang, wrong thread...

    Gail Hatch
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    I like looking at them even more, but I never did post bike pictures until I joined a forum on the 'net.
    19 BMWMOA Nationals under my belt, and I have no idea what I am doing.

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    Major Bump!

    I like to post things I've seen and share travel experiences.
    Since most of my travel to explore is done by motorcycle...
    And this is a motorcycling community...
    The rest is evident.

    1978 HiViz.

    1981 Yamaha XS650 Special II.

    A Saturday Morning on Long Island, 2001.

    Mt Rainier on 2 Wheels BMWMOA ON May 2008

    The left image was supposed to be the cover on the right... But I didn't have a high enough resolution shot. Grrr!

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    It seems that every time I, or someone else, posts photos of a bike at a recognizable location, a conversation is soon started with someone wanting to know more about the trip.

    Most of us have experienced a similar phenomenon as we travel by motorcycle. Whenever we stop for gas, food, or lodging someone will strike up a conversation about our travels and when they used to have a motorcycle back in "the old days". I dare say, those experiences are why many of us chose to explore by motorcycle. It's the same here, except the chatter is with other like minded folks.

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    Yup, like Steve says, posting pictures can lead to some interesting conversations about places we've been, etc, etc. His pic of the "O'Brien Cop car" elicited a response from me, as I took a similar picture of my Ducati 900SS/SP a few years ago...

    And here's one of my favorite pictures...taken a couple of years ago as I was riding my new to me bike from Louisville, KY to it's future home in the Everwet State...
    Bill Johnston

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    I had traveled a fair bit and finally bought a camera after seeing all my friends pictures of places we had visited. One acquired, said image machine was always with me in a backpack or tank bag ready to capture a moment for posterity.

    I love motorcycles and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow motorcyclists, so it is natural for me to point my camera in the direction of my motorcycle, and those of my fellow riders. The scenery is a bonus.

    As a final note, thanks to the riders for sharing and posting their images and videos.

    My first bike, a 1977 Honda XL250.

    Laguna Seca, 1993. John Kocinski won on the Cagiva.

    My wife at Mt St Helens WA.

    The reason for carrying a camera? To have more pics of my wife and I out and about enjoying life.
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    Why bikes, the grand kids make funny faces, and the camera adds 5 -10 lbs to adults.

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