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Thread: Why do you like to post bike pictures?

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    Why do you like to post bike pictures?

    When I got my MC endorsement, almost 10 years ago now, I didn't think very much about where I'd be going on a motorcycle. I'd been on the back of a bike off and on (figuratively speaking) for 15 years. A ride meant going two towns over for dinner, or maybe an ice cream. For a long trip maybe we'd go around the Lake. A long trip was about a half day.

    Shortly after I was licensed, I met this guy who had this picture on his computer screen background. It was a picture of his bike stopped on a road out west - Montana or Wyoming I think. I was completely enthralled by not only the picture but the prospect that someone could undertake such a trip, on a motorcycle. At the time I didn't dream that I could be that person, but I never forgot that image.

    Here on this site, those pictures are sort of ho hum. We out do each other with the cool places we've been and places we've seen, on our bikes. But whether I post here or on my blog, or on another riding forum, I do it to inspire someone else. The lurker who didn't even imagine where s/he could go on a bike.

    And thank you for all of you who continue to inspire me to go places and take better pictures to remember those places by!

    9/18/99 The earliest picture of me on my first bike.
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