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Right now, I tend to avoid interstates because they are boring but also because I am still skittish about having trucks blow by me at 400 mph (more or less). I have to get my skittishness behind me.

Finally, I am grateful for the encouragement, because the simple fact is that this is my bike and it must serve all purposes. I was worried that perhaps there was something that made the F800 inherently unworthy as a long distance tourer (even some of the other posts on this forum seem to make that claim).

I started riding 5 years ago this week!

I remember my "firsts".

My first drop.

My first time at 55 mph.

and the scariest...my first time on a numbered highway at 56 mph and having my mirrors on my F650CS filled with a big chrome Freightliner. I can still hear the whine of the turbo today.

Trucks can be scary. Granted, I should not have been on a highway until I had more experiance. My uncle, a very experienced BMW rider and dealer owner said non chalantly "Just roll on the throttle and leave 'em behind." How I do that now!