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Thread: Need an surrogate buyer in Ocala Fl

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    Need an surrogate buyer in Ocala Fl

    I need the fourums help. I live in the Pacific NW and found a GS in Ocala Fl. If possible, I would like someone to look at this bike and give me an evaluation on it's condition. It is located at a Ducati dealership. If your willing to help, please contact me at

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    Bike check...

    I've purchased several BMW motorcycles on the Internet with a high degree of confidence. I have always asked the seller to take the bike to a BMW dealership - which I arranged beforehand. I give the dealership a credit card number, they charge me one hour of shop time, they go over the major details, and they FAX me a report on the condition of the bike, or they call me. One time a dealership advised me not to buy - and told me why. The bike looked great on screen. They looked beyond that. It's cheap insurance.

    Good luck!

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