These are just for fun, not really a serious effort as I didn't go into any great lengths to set up or spend a great deal of time on them, just playin around with 18-50 lens

The first were taken last night while playing pool and then some from this morning on the way in, pre-dawn, trying out my new grorilla-pod that I picked up on the way out yesterday evening.

The pool shots were all taken hand held, no VR and just available light I did some very basic corrections to lighting, using the auto correction feature of the editing program that came with my Sony CyberShot. I was bracketing the shots at +.7 EV. 2 frames per release and Got a nice 4 picture sequence of my friend shooting and one nice shot of a ball right after impact from the que ball.

Then this AM around 5:30 stopped in Clifton, a tiny historic town I pass thru on the way to work and used the gorilla pod slipped over the car window. Bracketing +/- 1.0 EV, 3 frames per sequence.

These are the best of the lot, though the first one seems a tad too bright

The next one the window looks a bit out-of-focus thru the sign outside and in the window look sharper than the objects in the window, odd since the sign are at different distances.

The next two are the store front first one unmodified, the second one I played with lighting a bit to bring out the black(dark) areas

And two more of the store front

Frist one right from the camera

Second one I upped the shadows and reduced highlights