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Thread: New tires for my '88 R100RT: suggestions?

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    New tires for my '88 R100RT: suggestions?


    The Metzler factory home site recommends a ME Laser 33 front and a ME 77 rear tire for my bike, but I have worn out one and a half sets (Metzlers came on the bike, which I bought used, and when they wore out, I replaced them with Metzlers.) of Metzlers and I am not happy with the wear. I have been cruizing the net, looking for evaluations and recommendations, but sure would appreciate real recommendations from someone who has switched to Dunlops or Bridgestones. I won't buy Michelins---screw the French, I don't buy their wine or cheese anymore, either!

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    Still eat American fries,or are they off the list?How about Canadian back bacon?
    Tires..I put Bridgestones on my R 75,they were OK.

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    I went thru 2 Metzler me33's on my 91 RT. They wore just fine and were very good in the rain, but I have come to believe that the tread is so busy that it picks up nails and screws and thereby allows the rear to catch them a penetrating angles. I have 7 bikes and was only getting punctures on the 91 R100RT. I have just changed to michelins, no flats yet.

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    Dunlop K491

    These appear to be the best all around high mileage tires for these bikes. I was very pleased with the K591's (no longer made) I wore out but was not happy with the mileage on them. The 491's have the same performance (for me - no speed demon, here) and have worn well so far.

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    You're gonna have to boycott these brands too......
    The company's brands include Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, and Cavalier.

    I just bought a new Michelin MAC50E front for my R100RS. I think my last Michelin came from Spain.....OOPS!


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