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Thread: Photo Challenge #1: A Keplerian Composition:

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    Photo Challenge #1: A Keplerian Composition:

    I've been playing around with some ideas on different kinds of photo challenges and came up with this idea. Lets see how it goes, if its a hit, we can try some more. I’ve labeled it as a Challenge, so as not to confuse it with the other series currently running.

    In this one I have provided some text in the form of a poem and the challenge is to find a Single photographic opportunity that captures as many of the aspects of the imagery contained in the poem as possible.

    Will it be possible to take a single photograph that contains all the imagery? Frankly I don’t know, I have several other poems I’ve written for my Images on Words project that have defeated me so far, so I know it can be quite a challenge but I still keep looking for the right opportunity to come along. It can be a lot of fun and I found it has helped my by forcing me to constantly look around and increase my awareness of my environs.

    In this challenge photo editing will be allowed, even encouraged. Pretty much anything goes, it just has to be one taken during the challenge period and be one you took. I’ll start another thread for C&C (comments and critiques) and this one will be for final submissions, limit One per participant.

    I have modified/expanded on the rules and placed them below in a bulletized list, please read. thanks

    • Challenge to run through the last full weekend of March
    • Only submit one photo in this thread as your final entry
    • Test or preliminary Photos should be placed in the C&C thread HERE
    • Photo editing including cropping, color/while point balance, etc is allowed even encouraged
    • The entrant of the best photo incorporating the most elements and best overall composition/lighting etc will receive a high-res 8x10 mounted print done on my Epson 1400 photo printer
    • The semifinalists will be chosen by the moderators and then the winning shot voted on by the forum participants at large.

    Ok so here is the Poem, something appropriate for the winter months. Lets see what you all can come up with.

    A Keplerian Composition

    An Apricot evening
    painted with winter’s colors.
    Shoreline reflections
    frozen in time upon the water.
    Winter flocks
    flying in formation,
    the only movement.

    Dreamlike Imagery of
    ice flattened water.
    Merging with earthen, freeform undulations
    lying Silent and Serene.
    Evening transitions to night
    Joined by a mid-winter moon
    in a Keplerian Composition.

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    This a great idea...

    i think it will make people really start to push there ideas of what photography is to them and there skills since there will be some time for them to edit and take images

    now what to shot

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