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Thread: Birds N' Beemers

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    Birds N' Beemers

    There is a bird that hangs out in my driveway and absolutely LOVES my bike. I don't know if he sees his rival in the chrome, or he maybe he just loves Beemers

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    He loves beemers... How could he not?
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    I had a Robin that loved his own image in my brass mailbox, truck & car mirrors.
    Then he would poop on it all, several times a day.

    I called the Animal Shelter and they told me in mating season the males go crazy looking for a mate and to put it out of it's misery. I felt bad, one shot ...done!
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    In the spring time, they're busy staking out their territories, so he probably thinks he has a rival that he can't drive off.

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    Must be nesting season for our local Carlina Wrens

    parked and left tankbag open to dry out from water bottle leak...H came home a few hours later and asked me what's that mess in my tankbag


    Moved it to a non mobile spot as I heard the very noisy builder sitting nearby. Went to grab a helmet later off the rack...another nest attempt. I was riding, started to get straw and sticks blowing up from under tank on more try...geez
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