Ok, so we're going to start a new thread for posting links of interest to our ever growing group of photography buffs here on the MOA Photo forum. This will be a "sticky" so it always remains visible on the front page of the forum and anyone can post to the thread as they find links that would be pontifical to all of us. As the pages grow and links are included I will try to organize them in some sort of logical list by area of interest/data. Links can be how-to's, places the review cameras or gear, photo hosting web sites, etc. The one requirement is that they be places that have information rather than simply photographs, we have other threads for those.

So lets start by posting a link to Sumgmug, a great photo hosting site that gives MOA members a discount, and allows for an unlimited number of photos and links to them. A great way to share your photos with us here and with friends and families. They also back up all the photos, provide for printing on a variety of formats and media. Like I said a really really useful site. I'm not sure what exactly the discount is but I will find out and let you all know, or Tom may be able to provide that information soon and can edit this post to include it.

The Link to Sumgmug is Sumgmug.com

Note: if you use the following code format you cam make the links appear as above "left bracket' url=http://put the link here with the "http://" preceding it, then the "right bracket" then the text you want to appear followed by the closing bracket /url bracket. easy right? (you can also just quote this to see how the link above was done.)

notice how the first closing bracket "]" is AFTER the web link, then the text you want to appear goes next, followed by the closing [forward slash url] this is slightly different than the normal way of creating a link but gives you more control on how the text appears and you can make the title more descriptive.

That way you can put whatever you want as the text string and by highlighting the text string between the brackets you can make the text colored or bolded for easier reading.

See? Easy, right?

Thats all for now....