Winner, you say? Let me explain...

This is the first of what I hope will be an ongoing series, as time and materials and the inclination allows. Tom and I have been conspiring behind the scenes and we have been awaiting the startup of the photography forum before putting this up. Now that that is upon us I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the first winner of the Photography Assignment give-a-way! I bet you didn’t even know there WAS a give-a-way did you? Well, that cause we never told you! Duh!

So what was the criteria for our choice? Well that kinda cryptic as we make it up as we went along….but basically we looked at such things as enthusiasm of participation, willingness to provide comment and extend their own efforts, to name a few. Other factors were really more along the lines of “gut” feelings and who we thought might most benefit from the prize. So of course you’re wondering who is the winner and what, pray tell, is the prize?

Well, as in any good contest, I’m gonna stretch out reveling the winner for as long as I can! ( Hey, just be glad this isn’t a TV game show or I’d be announcing a lead-in to a long, over loud, obnoxious series of commercials trying to sell you everything from flavored bath soap, to the ultimate cure-all for those stomach cramps you get from your Great-Great-Great-Grandmothers Holiday fruit cake!) As it is I’ll just delay things by Writing about how annoying those endless string of commercials are!

Oh, yeah the prize, (no it isn’t a two-headed rubber chicken, though I do have one that could possibly find its way into this post, wait,,,, I think it just did! Oh Well…),

Now where was I ? Oh, yes, that’s right, the prize. Well I looked at few different ideas and finally settled on this: a 1 year subscription to Digital Photographer Magazine (though I did consider the two-headed rubber chicken, but I figured it would too hard to ship!).

You can see it on the web HERE.

And Finally the information you’ve all been waiting for, the name of the lucky winner!

Tom, drum roll, please…….

Tom? The Drum roll???


Oh well, he seems to be busy at the moment……

As soon as he’s free we’ll continue…

in the meantime let me entertain you with a reading of the entire collected works H. P. Lovecraft as translated into Greek….

(insert sounds of the restless masses growing evermore restless in the background as the Rocketman reads on in an endless monotone drone while several approach the stage with grimaces of distain, with large tripods in hand….)

OK, OK, I here ya….

So without further a due ….

The lucky winner is none other than our very own


(insert image of Voni approaching the stage with a look of astonishment and embarrassment , while the crowd roars with applause.)

Congratulations Voni on being the winner of the very first BMWMOA Photography Forum Photo Assignments give-a-way!!!

Everyone, please join me in giving Voni a Big Hand

Well that’s it for now but look for other non-contests and sudden spur of the moment give-a-ways in the coming year (as the mood strikes the mod team).

One idea I am working on is a Show Us Your Best assignment where editing will be not only be allowed, but encouraged to help you discover just what can be done using whatever software you happen to have and the forum participants will do the actual voting and determine the winning photograph. Photo-editing doesn’t require high-end software to be effective, and there are some pretty good packages available for little or no cost on the net. As we develop our links and databases of imaging tools, tips and trick and the like, you should be able find a good variety to choose from.

So get out there and take lots of photos, extend yourself, be prepared, have fun and post often.

The mod team.

(Voni, please PM me your address and I’ll get the subscription set up and let you know when its done.)

RM & SNC1923