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    Photo Forum Guidelines

    General Forum Posting Guidelines can be viewed here.

    Please review the following guidelines for the BMW MOA Photography Forum:

    Specific guidelines for the photography forum:

    1. The photography forum is for learning about all things photographic—especially, though not exclusively—as it relates to BMW motorcycling, and the experience should be both fun and rewarding. Posts must be photography related.

    2. No provocative content, period. The internet is full of places to post and view provocative, gory, or pornographic images. Our photo forum is not such a place. Our mission is enjoying the hobby of photography and improving techniques. We seek to appeal to a broad audience. Provocative or extreme content cannot be posted here.

    3. All photographs must be property of the individual posting them. Respect other photographer’s rights. No cross posting or linking to someone else’s pictures. If you see a photograph of interest that you may have questions about or you think may be relevant to a given topic, then post a link to the entire page on which it appears, so the originator gets credit for his/her work. However, let’s keep it to a minimum; this forum is for your work

    4. Please, no “my camera is better than yours” or such-and-such brand sucks. Do discuss what you like or dislike about a particular product or brand, but be informative and don’t engage in brand-bashing.

    5. Exercise discretion when discussing anything that could put a rider at risk, e.g. which hand should I hold my camera in while riding? Simple enough, right? Think about what you are asking about before you post.

    Guidelines for photography assignment threads

    1. Keep your posts relevant to the topic of each post. This is not to say that joking and kidding around is unacceptable, but let’s try to limit it when requested within the guidelines of a particular thread. We’re still experimenting here, and one solution we are trying is to have one thread for photo and one for comments for each assignment. Please read and follow the directions given in the first post for each.

    2. Photo criticism: When people ask for C&C (comment and criticism), please give it to them; however, "that's a great picture" or "that sucks" is really not very helpful. Try to give some substantive advice. If you like the photo, say why specifically. Conversely, if you have a problem or suggestion, be specific.

    3. Even when asked for, criticism can be intimidating or even threatening. When critiquing another member's work, remember to critique the work and not the person. A good way to do that is to avoid the word you. We also suggest that you balance your criticism in a given post equally between constructive and positive. When pointing out areas for improvement, don't overlook the opportunity to point out what's good. One tried-and-true approach is the "sandwich method." Start with a positive, then make a suggestion for improvement, then end with another positive. While this may seem "touchy-feely" to some, it really does work well and is often necessary. Too many of us take criticism personally when that is not at all the intent of the critic. Basically what we're saying is, play nice.

    Final Words:

    Again, we want to stress above all: HAVE FUN, EXPERIMENT, and EXTEND YOUR LIMITS. You will quickly discover a whole new way of looking at photography, motorcycling, and the world around you as you explore this medium.

    Thanks for your consideration. Post early and post often!

    Your moderation team.
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