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Thread: Travel buddy to Alaska

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    Travel buddy to Alaska

    Ive planned a trip to leave Toronto, Ontario on June 27, 2008 and ride to Alaska and from there down to Vancouver, BC. Ill then ship my bike and fly home from Vancouver.

    Unfortunately I only have 17 days to do the trip, which means some days of quite heavy mileage, although the average is only 440 miles per day. I'm not going to Prudhoe Bay, but will be going to Fairbanks and Anchorage in Alaska.

    My route is as follows:
    -Toronto to Tobermory and ferry to South Baymouth, Manitoulin Island.
    -To Thunder Bay, Kenora, (Trans Canada Highway 17)
    -To Winnipeg, Moose Jaw, Calgary, Banff (Highway 1)
    -To Lake Louise, Jasper (Icefield Parkway (93)
    -To Grande Cache, Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek (40,43)
    -To, Fort Nelson, Watson Lake (Alaska Highway 97)
    -To Ross River, Carmaks, Pelly Crossing (Campbell 4 and Klondike 2)
    -To Dawson City, Chicken, Tok, Fairbanks (Top of the World 9, Taylor 5, Alaska 2)
    -To Healy, Montana, Anchorage (George Parks 3)
    -To Glennallen, Tok, Hains Junction, Hains (Glenn 1, Alaska 2 & 1, Hains 4)
    -Ferry to Skagway
    -To Carcross, Johnsons Crossing, Swift River, Dease Lake (Klondike 2, Alaska 1, Cassiar)
    -To, Iskut, Hyder, Houston (Cassiar 37, 16)
    -To Price George, 100 Mile House (16, 97)
    -To Clinton, Whistler, Vancouver (97 and Sea to Skyway 99)

    If Im running out of time, due to bad weather or road construction, Ill leave out Hains / Skagway and also Hyder.

    Im flexible in terms of where Ill stop each night and my objective is not to rush too much, and to leave enough time for photos along the way. On previous long trips (4,000 miles) Ive been able to average 625 miles per day, with no real fatigue.

    Ill be sleeping in a tent most nights with the occasional ǣluxurious night in a motel.

    So far I'm on my own but would welcome company for part or all the way.

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    My geography in Canada is fuzzy so bear with me. We are going to Alaska in June-July but plan 4 to 6 weeks. We went Kansas to Alaska to Kansas in 1991 and spent 5 weeks.

    I couldn't quite follow the mileages per day you have planned. I think good time and long days work going west - with shorter days headed up from St. Johns or so.

    How do your days break out?
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    Toronto is just north of Buffalo, New York. It's closer to the eastern side of Canada than to the western side.
    If I go according to my planned itinerary, I'll only reach Dawson Creek by the 6th night.

    My daily mileage is as follows 210, 530, 550, 400, 500, 500, 600 (tough day) 440, 540, 360, 430, 330, 470, 500, 400, 250.

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