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    Alligator Alley

    Is it worth riding? Ohio wants to know...

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    Quote Originally Posted by odsmissmaggie View Post
    Is it worth riding? Ohio wants to know...
    If I recall correctly your elevation will vary between 40 feet msl and 50 feet msl, and there are a hand full of right hand corners to cross the canals.

    If you stop at one of the little rest areas do not take the plank walkway back into the swamp. The mosquitos will carry you off.

    But other than that it could be a decent place to ride a motorcycle.
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    AA is pretty straight, but there are several smaller roads that meander through the Everglades, through Indian reservations, and the Everglades National Park. Don't worry too much about bugs in the winter, but keep an eye out for gators and snakes.

    I agree that if you're looking for canyons or hills, don't bother, i think the highest point is atop one of our trash dumps! ... but winter riding through the 'glades is pretty good, and if you happen to be a dual-sporter, then a little off-road can be had (a 'little' I said).
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    DO NOT SPEED!!! YOU WILL GET A TICKET!!! The Indian reservation cops have no mercy...DAMHIK

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    Pretty boring,actually

    except for the occasional gator sighting.
    And +1 for what Stuff said......

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdelta View Post
    except for the occasional gator sighting.
    And +1 for what Stuff said......
    I thought the same thing the 4th or 5th time I rode it (now up to a can't remember how many times) and it's still better than a 6 lane interstate.
    If you've never seen the everglades it's interesting. If you take some time and see the attractions (tourist trap stuff) it's pretty cool. If you just jet across it you'll miss the real beauty of the glades. Do one of the 300 ( slight exaggeration) person airboat rides, there worth it one time. As mentioned above there are a few out of the way roads too.
    I have a trip planned to Key West to finish my 67 County Grind and I'll use the Alley for my return route home. I like the long way home

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