What a pleasant surprise to see the new Photography page pop up! I have been green with envy following the previously posted threads. Hopefully now I can finally be shamed into throwing my photographic hat in the ring!

Getting started. I have never really done much with a camera other than simple stuff with point and shoots. Right now I have a Kodak easy share CX 4200 digital camera. This past summer I started using it for photographing my rustic road signs for the Wisconsin competition. The camera tended to lose its' batteries while bouncing around in the saddle bag. I would like to see some recomendations for digital equipment geared toward the nOOb! Should I also be looking at a photograph specific printer? I also have a camera in my cell phone. Are these usable at all? I don't know how to load the images onto my computer so my only feedback is what I can make out on that tiny screen in the phone.

Thanks! Geoff