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Thread: Tell us about yourself and your bike!

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    Rhode Island Rider.

    Hi to all,
    I got a 07 K12GT last April. It had 1400 miles.
    If you have any questions about riding in RI, feel free to contact me.

    I had a 99 R12C for a few years and rode that on the Blue Ridge and out to Colorado via Rt.50.
    I traded in the R12 and still miss it.
    I still have my 97 HD Sportster.

    I just got back from a 2,800 mile trip through the Blue Ridge Parkway, Smoky Mountains and Chatahoochee National Forest.
    To look at a few photos:

    Motorcycle Trip Data
    Blue Ridge Parkway, Suches, Georgia and Smoky Mts.
    12 days, 2833 miles

    Day 1 - Leave Warwick RI 5:15AM; Odometer=2650
    All Highway;
    Arrive Martinburg , West Virginia 4PM; Odom=3088
    11 hours; 438 miles
    Day 2 - 6/22 - Leave 8AM;
    Skyline Drive and beginning of BlueRidge Parkway
    Afternoon rain; Arrive at Buena Vista VA,@4PM; Odom=3309
    Bueuna Vista Motel was AWFUL

    All 2 lane mountain road; 8 hours; 221 miles
    Day 3 - 6/23 Leave 7:30AM
    More of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Excellent weather.
    Arrive at Little Switzerland (nice place) @6:30. 11 hours; 300 miles
    Day 4 6/24 Leave 9:30AM
    Completed the Blue Ridge PW. Sunny/Warm
    Arrive Cherokee, North Carolina @2:30PM
    5 hours; 155 miles. Odom=3763
    Day 5 6/25 Stayed in Cherokee another day.
    Rode through and around the Smoky Mountains.
    Leave 9:30AM, Return 2:30PM
    5 hours; 118 miles. Odom=3881
    Day 6 6/26 Leave 10:00AM
    Arrive in Suches GA at 2:30PM for a 4 day stay
    at High Valley Cabins.
    4.5 hours; 107 miles. Odom=3988
    Day 7 6/27 Friday my nephew arrived, (Yamaha R1) and we
    rode Rt.60, Rt.180 and a few other loops around the mountains in northern GA.
    4 hours; 112 miles. Odom=4100
    Day 8 6/28 Leave 9:30AM. A wicked awesome day.
    Rode north beginning on Rt.60 to the Cherohala Skyway,
    Rt.28 and returned to Suches via a number of 2 lane roads.
    Spent some time helping to fix my nephews bike. (Fuel line leak)
    Returned to Suches at 5:15.
    8 hours; 223 miles. Odom=4383
    Day 9 - 6/29 - Rode a short loop aound the northern GA mountain area
    97 miles. Odom=4420
    Rested for the long, (1063 mile) highway ride home.
    Day 10 6/30 -- Leave Suches 9AM
    Returning home via Rts.85N, 77N & 81N.
    Arrive New Bern VA @6PM
    9 hours; 380 miles. Odom=4800
    Day 11 6/31 - Leave 6:30AM
    Arrive Clinton, NJ @ 5PM
    10+ hours; 451 miles. Odom=5251
    Day 12 7/1 Leave 7AM
    Arrive home, (RI) @11:30
    4.5 hours; 232 miles. Odom=5483

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    Photos and your trip log

    Hi "Falcon". Welcome to the forum. I tried to view your photos from your link, But I couldn't see your album. I have a login and pwd for the Kodak site. Is your album "public" or shared?

    Also, what do you use to log your trip? Laptop? NotePad? I ask because we're about to start a road trip down the Carolina coast and back up through DelMarVa and I'd like to keep a trip log without having to drag the laptop along.

    (Of course dragging the laptop along would be much better than trying to decipher my handwriting!)

    So you miss your R12?...You have a fine replacement!

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    Try this address. Yes, it is public.

    I prefer to write ride info in a real notebook with a pen rather than make room for my laptop.
    I miss the 99 R12C since I had a few excellent trips on it: Rocky Mts via Rt50
    and the Blue Ridge too. I just needed something that is more comfortable on twisty roads.

    Bob Falcon

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    Smile Hola desde M?xico!!!

    Hi Folks this is Rick (Ricardo) from Mexico City. I started on bikes at 4yo since my father used to take me with him on his Triumph 650, and lerned to drive at 10 during a vacation staying in Tacoma with Hudson family which had some off road bikes.
    I'm Medicine Doctor with Master in Health Care Administration, I do some consultancy to small hospitals down here where I have a small company, but most of my time I treat and do spiritual consultacy since I'm a Yoruba Religion priest (Cuban Santeria). Know I'm learning Astrology what I like a lot.

    I live in south Mexico City, at Coyoacan District (I took the photo outside my house, and back of me you can see San Francisco Catholic Church). Love to ride my "Blanquita" (Whitie)on weekends on short trips not far from the city. I too have a 94' Virago 1100, and 2007Virago250(my wife), which I use more to drive through the city jams and move arround daily.

    Hope to find new friends and maybe soon drive in US, since I might move part time to Florida.

    About my 90' K100LT. It came to Mexico from Germany in 1989 and it's original paint is red, but BMW paited white and send it to test drives to the mexican highway police force, they returned it back and a friend bought it in 1992, then he kept on garage for long time because he bought another beemer and I'm the second owner.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Hi Rick ! Welcome!
    Mike & Robin Fifer 2002 R1150RT Current
    1995 K75S Sold
    1996 R1100RT sold

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    Thanks Mike.

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    Names Kennis here and home is Morgantown, WV where I can drop the weed eater and be on the twistys in a matter of minutes. I joined the MOA in May and since have read many interesting post, enjoy the Photography form and picked up a wealth of knowledge on various topics.

    The photo is my 02RT and myself.

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    Ello, said with a british accent that I do not have. But, hey what can I say it sounds cool though. The name is David (born and raised in Orlando, FL) and I have just purchased my first Bmw bike. Wanted to join the fun. I have always loved Bmw's, there are some of the most beautiful and best engineered motorcycles out there. Sorry dont want to babble on. Again, Hello and hope to meet some of you in the near future. Thank you David.

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    ATL rider

    A few years ago, I rented a scooter in Europe and somehow survived the windy mountain roads. Upon return, I figured I should sign up for a motorcycle class to have atleast some idea of what I should be doing. I found the MSF BRC offered through Honda in atlanta/alpharetta. I learned the basics, but was still a bit nervous to be on a real bike. I thought it was strange that most of my class had already purchased their dreaamm bikes, yet had not ridden a day in their lives...strange. The instructors hammered into our heads that even though we all passed the course, it didn't mean that we were road worthy just yet. It takes years and many miles in different situations to become an experienced rider. It was a great class, but don't think you're roadworthy just because you "passed the class."

    After the November 07 class, I started casually looking for motorcycles on the usual sites. Within 2 weeks, I found a 95 k75 with a little over 14000 miles, an aftermarket national cycle windshield, bmw hard bags, heated grips, and ABS. price was right. paint was good. mechanically good. I figure that now is as good of a time as any, so I closed my eyes and handed over the cash. I couldn't believe I actually bought a motorcycle, but I haven't looked back since.

    I began all my riding in the treacherous traffic of atlanta and the great mountain roads of Georgia and North Carolina. I commute as much as I can to work, but I'm very cautious of the lousy cages on the road. So, I take a more stress-free route that I've used for years with my bicycle.

    I've managed to put over nearly 5,000 miles on my k75 with trips to Clearwater, FL (all highway), the Cherohala skyway, great smoky mountain highway, richard b. russell scenic highway, the tail of the dragon, maggie valley, helen, suches, and brasstown bald.

    In San Jose, CA, I rented a k1200gt and was blown away by the differences with my k75. heated seats? electric windshield? suspension modes? a 6th gear? twice the hp with only adding a few lbs? wow! The rental company and employees far exceeded my expectations. I tacked on the Santa Cruz Mountains, the PCH (half moon bay down to carmel), carmel valley rd, ca25, and the diablo range. What a great 500 mile day trip.

    I'm looking forward to riding more in north georgia, some of alabama, and following the entire blue ridge parkway from nc to va this fall. By spring time, I hope to add in some more long weekend trips around the south. Eventually, I'd like to head back out west for a more lengthy trip.

    When I'm not riding, I'm playing soccer, training for triathlons, scubadiving, working as a software/collaboration consultant, "volunteering" for the family drycleaning/tailoring business, and volunteering for various non-profits in town.

    Be safe!
    See you on the road!!!
    Shiny side up!!!

    1995 K75 A/3 - Will the lifetime memberships ever come back? If so, I want one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by atlbmw View Post
    I'm looking forward to riding more in north georgia...
    theo, welcome!

    if you haven't come across the georgia club yet, please take a moment to find out.

    and next month we are having a mini-rally/campout at lake tobesofkee, which is near macon.

    details about that will be on our web site soon, but this will be an ideal opportunity to meet the like-minded locals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sawalt65 View Post
    We are always looking for new routes and points of interest, so if you have any "faves" please send them my way. A day trip or even an over-nighter would be much appreciated.
    hi stephanie - welcome.

    in the western tip of the great state of virginia, the grayson highlands state parks is one of my favorite places to visit.

    all manner of twisty roads abound in the area, but one of the best is VA16, especially the part north of I-81 as it goes up into west virginia.

    hope to meet you at next year's rally.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Thanks for the Route Info!

    We will definitely check that out.

    We'll be coming from the Northern Neck (King George), so that should be a nice ride.

    We just finished a 1,200 mile ride to the Outer Banks, from King George to Ocracoke and up the east cost to Ocean City, MD last month. That was my first week long road trip on my bike - and Man! I had a blast! I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort my bike offered...I thought it would be more "painful". Thanks to some new highway pegs and the 'ol brilliant BMW engineering, it was quite comfortable.

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    Hi yall,

    Ive been off and on bikes for the last 25 years, all Japanese Bikes. Finally found myself riding a 2001 R1100R. I traded my beloved ǣZ 1000 Kawasaki for the BMW because my arthritic hips just couldnt take the scrunched-up riding any longer; wow, I can get on this bike and ride forever and I love the fact that its so easy to work on, adjusting the valves on an inline four rice rocket is not fun, adjusting the valves on my boxer is akin to brushing my teeth, takes just a few minutes and gives you a good feeling. Gawd I love this Motorbike.



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    Hello to everyone. My name is Scott Nogrady. I've been riding motorcycles for almost 30 years now. I started out on a Honda CT 70 then I had a CR 80 elsinor, then a yamaha 100 enduro, to a cr 125, to a cr 250 that I raced motocross on, then a honda XL 600, and then a yamaha 650 Special. I lost my license for about 4 years do to speeding tickets, many, many speeding tickets. When I got it back I went back to racing motocross on a rm 250 wich I broke my hip on. I quit racing by the request of the wife and started woods riding with Friends for fun. I had an Electra glide classic that I rode across country on. Sold that for a 79 Super glide with 18 inch ape hangers. I had caught to much crap from my buddies for riding a bagger. My woods bike at the time became a yamaha wr 400 that I loved. It was also made street legal, barely that is. I sold that after two years for a KTM 520 exc and that bike about killed me in the woods. It truley was a beast of a machine. I went to Vintage days in Ohio and test rode a Triumph tiger. WOW, what a blast. I went to European motorcycles in PA with the intention of trading in the harley and buying a Tiger. I ended up selling the superglide myself and purchased an 04 RT 1150 instead of the tiger. It caught my eye in the show room and said, "buy me not the Tiger!" One test ride on it with that power windshield and it's smooth ride I was hooked. So was the wife. She liked riding on the back of it way better than the harley. When our son was born 3 years ago I sold all the bikes. I just recently bought a 76 R60/6 with a sputnik sidecar and that is my long life story of riding motorcycles shortened. I've always loved motorcycles and will continue to ride them until I'm in the ground. I look forward to passing on my love of them to my son and doing many journeys with him on them.
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    Great to have you here and loved the picture in the Mug topic.
    Hope you really are enjoying the BMW's as most of us seem to.

    Mike & Robin Fifer 2002 R1150RT Current
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