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Thread: Tell us about yourself and your bike!

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    St Louis, MO
    Have not posted here much in the past.. Bought this LT back in June. Put 8,000 on it since. Making plans to ride out west again. Still want to ride AR, TX, NM, and AZ. Then there is the Northeast. Maybe the Great Lakes too.. So many trips and so little time. With 2 in college (next yr) there is no hope of retirement.
    Here is a pic or two from last summer's trip out west.

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    U must be a fairly large guy. U make that LT look kinda small.

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    Jan 2008

    Talking Safe New Rider

    Hello everyone! I'm a 39 y.o Army veteran of nine years who's originally from Texas. I know reside in Georgia. I've been a BMW MOA for about four days. I am proud to be aboard. I am a new rider and proud owner of a 1999 R1100RT bike. Ms. Claus surprised me on Christmas Eve. Can you imagine that? I am totally knew to the motorcycle world but have more than 7,500 mile on legs from cycling for great causes. And I intend to do with my beemer. I have a mother with Multiple Sclerosis and she's why I bicycle 150miles once a year in September.
    I completed a MSF course here in Georgia July 23, 2007. I was hooked from the moment I mounted the bike. I love my beemer and more importantly, I respect it. I've ridden a total of 47 miles. I absolutely love it. I usually run 6-10 miles per week but since my beemer, I haven't ran for 2 weeks! I'll get back on track. Oh, before I go, is there a cure for looking at my bike every minute I get? God bless all of you and be careful out there on the road. I pray that angels encamp round about each and everyone of you as you ride. Remember to SEE!!! Ziphyr

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    Washington Depot, CT


    Well, in my haste, as a newby, I posted on the wrong board. That got moved to Campsite which is where my intro is.
    Please read as I'm hoping to meet up with some of you this year and don't want to be a stranger.

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    Sorry, Campfire.
    I'll get used to it!!

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    Eastern Upstate NY
    Hi, I'm Monk. (Mark to mother) riding an 86 K75 and building an R75 rennsport... ok it's going to pay tribute to a Rennsport.

    I'm married to the incredible Cathy for 16 years and we're renovating our new house in Upstate New York to make room for her aging folks. I sail, ride, make BioDiesel, build stuff, break stuff, make wine, drink wine, (and scotch) wear kilts, love dogs and long rides to a beach.

    I'm the full time audio engineer at Workshoplive, an online music education company, and part time special effects artist for Powderkeg.

    I've been rideing since my Rupp minibike, Harley, Suzuki, Honda... all the while reading about BMW. I figure someday, someday I'll be mature enough to get a real bike. That day came and I'll never look back. I'm 42 and plan on living past 84... my life begins.

    I could be the voice you're hearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeywork View Post
    I'm 42 and plan on living past 84... my life begins

    Dig it!!!
    Current Hottie: '00 R1100RT
    Old Flames: FY K100RT, '80 XS850 with Vetter Quicksilver, '67 Bonnie, '66 Honda 90

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    here I am

    OK, I'll go too.

    I'm 38 and live in Denver, Co. I am also developing a serious BMW problem. I have a 1200GS and a F650 Dakar and I am looking at trading in my '94 Honda 1000 for either the new 450 or a F800GS. Amazing machines.

    Love to ride. Currently on a quest to travel all 50 states before I an through being 40. I guess I want to get over my midlife crisis a little early! I've managed to knock out about 20 states this year on a trip to the Arctic Circle in Alaska and on a ride out to the BMW riding school in South Carolina.

    durango-moab-5-30 039.jpg

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    Hi from the world nomad.

    Hi, I am Tony, the 2007 K1200 LT comes after bending my wifes arm 360 degrees . I started riding bikes in Australia around the south coast of NSW in 1976. My wife and I are getting out to meetings locally at the moment for the San Diego BMW OC. Hopefully I will get to meet some of you on my travels. More than likely I will be on my own with some of the bigger trips, I am retired, wife still works.
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    NW Montana Beemer Rider

    58 years old, 38 married to the same wonderful person, 5 kids all off the payroll, 8 grandkids, a real estate broker with my wife in one of the most beautiful places on earth...the Flathead Lake, Mission Valley areas between Missoula and Kalispell, MT. Had an earlier career in international oil and gas...lived abroad for about 12 years. Still a kid at heart.

    Have loved motorcycles all of my life but just got back in a few years ago with an R1150GS....and then last year with a new R1200GSA. Great trips through Montana, Wyoming....then to Alaska last summer. The ride of a lifetime in my view. Have three trips planned for summer 08....Montana, Wyoming, Yellowstone, Glacier, Montana Highline. In July to my first Gillette, WY just a few miles from my childhood home, Sheridan, WY. Mid August, back up north to Canada, NWT, Inuvik. Cant wait.

    All the best to my fellow riders.

    Tony Marshall
    Polson, MT
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    Danielson, Ct.

    Connecticut Rider!

    My name is John and I am a Beemer rider. Admitting your addiction is the first step to building on it.

    I grew up in Chicago but am in Ct. now.
    My oldest brother taught me to ride on a Honda 550 I bought from a friend and secretly kept at his house. My parents were not happy about bikes.

    The next year I bought a leftover red Honda 900 Custom that I loved and used it to move out east. Eventually I had to sell it to buy a car. My wife told me that if I didn't sell it she wouldn't have married me. Wish she had said something before we got married.

    So after about 22 yrs., 2007, she said I could get a bike but it had to be big enough for both of us. I had been looking at junkey 650s. I have wanted a BMW for a long time and saw some RTs getting gas a few years ago. They were gorgeous! After a bunch of research and false starts I picked up a Red 2002 R1150RT that I absolutely love. I had to put it away for the winter since the wife wanted her side of the garage back for winter.

    I got the bike Father's Day weekend and put on over 4000 miles to the end of Oct. all day riding. I look forward to taking MSF in the spring and adding travel accessories. My wife is looking forward too, so she says.

    I joined MOA in the fall and the Ct. chapter. Being so late in the year I have yet to meet anyone but look forward to meeting with everyone.

    Anyone need a riding partner let me know.
    Big plans. Found out my wife had thrown out my North Face tent, but that's another story.

    Me at Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, RI. wifey took the photo.
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    a whole page full of new folks.

    welcome everyone, and..... post more!!

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
    __________________________________________________ ________________________________
    '67 Trail 90 || '86 R80 G/SPD+ || '97 F650ST || '00 1150 GS || '06 HP2e || '07 Xchallenge || '14 Grom

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    Just a little east of Paradise (California)

    Hi All

    Hello all, just signed up this evening and so here we go. Wife and I are both pretty much retired out of hi tech, although she still consults a bit. We sold out of the SF Bay Area and moved up here on to our 13 acres in early 2005.
    In early 2007, I thought I might get back into motorcycling and so started looking. Two things became very evident. #1, wife was not satisfied to be riding behind me anymore, and #2. she thought anything but a beemer was going way way backwards. The last machine I had owned was a 1973 R75/5 and we packed "2 up" on it a number of times. Go figure??
    So..... she's got an R1200GS and I got an R1200GSA. We enjoyed doing the break in miles down at our place at the Salton Sea (SS) last spring and then brough them up here for some very nice rides in northern Calif. Since we live just 5 miles north of highway 70, we have a lot of local roads that are "interesting". Both machines are currently on the battery maintainer in the garage but we should be hauling them down to the SS in another month or so. I, we can't wait!
    Over the fall / winter I constructed a Doggie Box that should make it possible to take the spoiled cocker spaniel in our lives along. It includes a suspension system to mitigate the jolts, plenty padding and fresh air. It fits nicely on the back end of the GSA with the seat removed, but have not taken it / her out for a "maiden flight" yet. Fingers crossed! We also took our machines up to the Russel Seat folks in Shasta Lake and let them do their magic. What a differrence! Yes, I am actually smiling in the attached image and that's after ~ 1 1/2 - 2 hours in the saddle.
    Cheers & ride safe
    D&D+ Freckles Doggie
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    Savannah, GA
    Got my first beemer three months ago.

    In high school, Chicago area, had a Kawasaki 125 (blue smoke, chain saw sound) I rode it to school pretty much every day - even in winter, dressed in a protective denim jacket and jeans. No Aerostich, no Gerbings.

    Then got to ride a friend's brother's R90 one day. Oh, baby. Never forgot that.

    So flash forward nearly 30 yrs, and I finally have my own boxer. Put a top box on it to carry briefcase and lunch, and have barely driven my car since I got it. Already worried about a blossoming addiction...
    2002 R1150RA
    1997 M3 Coupe

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    Marty Miles
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    edmonton alberta

    marty miles 138622

    I've always been a motorcycle fanatic,and it wasn't until I was lucky enough to find a barely used(45k) 1987 K100LT that I came to appreciate the subtle nuances that makes the BMW marque the most desirable two wheel human conveyance ever devised by the hand of man. This eye opener of mechanical genius has forever turned me into a bit of an elitist amongst my fellow motorcyclists, and I've had to put up with all kinds of humiliations, such as having to ride at the back of the pack on long distance and fund raising rides just to pick up the parts that fall off of the leading machines---you get the picture.
    But I digress.
    I ride in the Edmonton Alberta Canada area. While the Canadian prairie has little to offer in the way of exciting roads for motorcycles, it does lend us the opportunity to let our mounts stretch their legs for some real mile eating riding. And if you want to get into the twisties, a two hour jaunt to the west gets you into the Rockies, where the riding can get quite adventurous. Several years back I nearly centre punched a rather large elk in the Jasper National Park. And the close encounter with an angry black bear on one of the back roads of the Glacier Highway between Jasper and Banff only adds to the allure of the area. The scenery can be spectacular, as there seems to always be something new around the next bend, and the fact that you are ON a machine as opposed to IN a machine makes it that much more special. To all the long distance guys I say this: Try our Alberta roads, you won't be disappointed.

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