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Thread: Tell us about yourself and your bike!

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    hi ronb!
    "No one wants advice -- only corroboration." -John Steinbeck

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    Bremen,Ohio in the beautiful Hocking Hills.
    My turn!!!
    I'm Rich Wakefield....I have been riding about 30 years and I am on my 6th bike and my 4th BMW. I got my start in riding in the dirt with friends. Then I purchased my first street bike, a 71 Kaw 500 that I dragged raced in stock class...then I went to a Yamaha 650, and my first beemer was a '76 R75/6 and a R90/6. I currently have an 97 R850R (for sale) and my new love; a 2003 Silver R1200CLC. I love riding and will accept any reason to get on and go...I live in a very senic area of Ohio and so I get a lot of fun riding as well as city/highway in my work communting; I don't care what roads I'm on as long as I'm on my bike. I am married (24 yrs) and have 4, yeah count them....4 children, 6 horses, 8 cats, 1 Jack Russell and what ever else happens to pass by on our small farm. I support all of this as a Training Manager for SBC Telephone Company and as a MSF, Rider Coach which I love doing as it provides me great personal satisfaction seeing people develop their skills and hopefully I can help reinforce the responsibilty of each rider to ride safely.
    Oh, by the way May 4th is the BIG 50!! feel free to wish me a HAPPY ONE!!!
    Check out my bike at... and click on Pictures on the left side.
    Keep on Beem'n,
    Rich :cool:

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    Hi Rich!

    Hey... celebrate the big 5-oh! with a ride down to the Georgia Mountain Rally.


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    Originally posted by Beemn
    Oh, by the way May 4th is the BIG 50!! feel free to wish me a HAPPY ONE!!!
    Gotcha beat by eggs-zackly 1 month (4/4)

    Dang kids........

    I was going to suggest that you take the day off and go for a long ride, but I see that it's a Sunday, and I betcha gonna be riding anyway. Have a happy one, Rich!


    Hey fishy, hi back!

    "The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see."

    G. K. Chesterton

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    Hi All,

    My name is Bob Lilley. I'm in Easton, PA. and just bought my first BMW, a K1200LT-E. I love it.

    I'm 40, married with two great kids.

    I've been riding motorcycles since I was 8. I've raced motocross enduro, hare scrambles, flat-track and road over the years. I now enjoy long, long road tours. Did the IronButt SaddleSore ride in October 2001. Trying to schedule a BunBurner and BunBurner Gold this summer. Rode mostly sport bikes and sport touring bikes since age 16. Also had a Suzuki Cavalcade for the past 17 years. I liked to think of the Cavalcade as the infamous Suzuki Water Buffalo's in-bred, half cousin! The bike handled terribly, but, was extremely smooth on the interstates.....thousand mile days were no problem.

    Getting my oldest daughter a Yamaha TT90 next week. It's time for her to know the feeling only a powered two-wheeler can deliver!

    Bob Lilley

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    Marin County, California
    Getting my oldest daughter a Yamaha TT90 next week.

    Jeesh, I wish I had a Dad like you. My brother got the Harley 90 to ride. I just got to borrow my other brother's horse.

    You tell your daughter I said "You Go Girl"!
    Tina Swider
    Sled Dog Touring Team
    Any bike I want that is in the garage

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    Finally broke the Honda habit. I found this 1200 LTI in the St. Louis Post Dispatch this Spring after looking all winter. Not many LT's on the market.

    Reading about all the events and rides that everyone is taking, makes me a tad jealous. I've barely had time to get out for a Sunday afternoon ride, much less experience the adventures of these riders.

    . . . . . . . maybe this year?

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    Hello all,

    Just a few lines to introduce myself. My name is Eddie Rich. Emerald Isle, NC is where I call home, 600 feet off the beach! The better half and me decided to come to the coast while we had the health. Living here is like be on vacation year 'round!

    I commute to work back to Raleigh some 165 miles every week. I only work three days and then come home. I bought my KRS last June and have already put over 11,000 miles of smiles on it. Its my first BMW, but not the last. Might try the R/RT next.

    Anyway, glad to have this forum. Should provide lots of info for everyone. Been a member of BMWMOA of five years due to the excellent magazine.

    The only advice I can give at this time is if you have not taken the Experience Riders Course by MSF, you are missing some valuable lessons. If you have, then you know how fun it is. I try to take it every year. I always learn something new to make riding more fun and safe.

    Ride Safe,


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    Trying to post picture of K100RS.
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    Last picture.

    Ride Safe,

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    I'm I next ?

    Well I will try this.
    My name is Kevin Frantz and I am from Warsaw, In. I am divorced for 15 years but I have been married to my bike or bikes for 26. I work for a hospital doing electrical and maintenance work for about 4 years.

    I just bought my first Bmw ever. It is a R100GS and it is sweet .. Never thought I would ever like a bike as I do this one. My father has owned quite a few himself. I wished he could come to this rally with me , but he can not make it to this one.

    I have not been to a rally in a long time. The last one I attended was the one in Escanaba,Michigan. I don't really know anyone in the club but I hope to have a lot of new friends by the end of the rally. I will enclose a picture of me and my bike. If any one has a chance to read this and happens to see me please say hi. Hope to see you at the rally....
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    Loading the Bike
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    Tacoma Washington
    Hi I'm Dave Andersen

    I live in Tacoma, Washington. I Started riding in College (1990) on an old bike of my dad's. I started because I couldn't afford a car and the bike was in the garage. It was a 1981 Suzuki 400 single cylinder road bike. A forgettable and regrettable ride except that I got hooked and didn't even know it. I got a car when I graduated, but never forgave myself for getting rid of the bike.

    Five years ago I started driving by bike stores that weren't on the way home. A little while later, I bought a K100RS and have been riding it ever since. It's got a little under 50K and runs like a champ. For mods, it's got a throttlemeister, a parabellum tall windshield and high rise bars. I'd really like to get some fog lights for it. If anyone knows of some decent yet not too expensive fog lights, post on gear thread. Sorry, no pics. It looks like iiricy4u's bike (above) but not as clean.

    I commute to Olympia and back every day (25 miles or so unless I take the long way) My work takes me to eastern Washington on a semi-regular basis, so I enjoy taking my bike over when I can trust that the passes won't snow in. The longest trip so far was a trip to Calgary.

    My favorite roads are State Route 112 from Port Angeles to Neah Bay and State Route 410 over Chinook Pass. I would also love to go back to the midwest and ride some of the roads I remember from there. Especially from Prairie du Chien, WI to Madison and from Hannibal, MO to St. Louis.:cool:

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    This is me

    I'm a 40 y/o married father of two boys. I've been riding since I was 20 with some brief time off. I was also a motorcycle police officer about 10 years ago.

    I live in Connecticut and when home I like to ride east of the river in those cute little Yankee towns and countryside. I also regularly take a 15+ mi ride to and from work through some back roads.

    I love to travel and camp off my bike, usually with a BMW rally as a destination. My favorites are the BRP, Vermont, the Adirondacks and eastern Ontario.

    See my website

    My other hobbies are HAM radio and NY Mets baseball.


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    Riding Buddies


    My name is David 42 single.I have been riding since 95'.I rode 3 different Harleys before finding BMW.I took a few nice 2 wk solo tours on the Harleys..New Orleans,Sturgis,Western Canada.Just enough to whet my appetite.In Nov 2000,after a few "life event changes" and finding on the web that true"globetrotters" rode a R1150 GS I sold the HD left MInneapolis and headed south on my new ride,"The Silver Beast".
    The GS is"The Bike".
    22,000+ miles and 10 months.I hit most of Mexico in 4 months.Circled the SW US and headed up the west coast.Western Canada via the inside passage and Stewart Ak.I think I hit almost every Natl Park.After 9/11 my heart wasn't in it and I cut the trip short after circlng the great plains.Man,I never felt so alive as during that trip.I am in SE Iowa now and new to the area.
    I am always looking for riding buddies!!!
    I kept a journal and took 1,000 pictures.I have some on my web page but I need to edit and upload the rest.
    See you at the Iowa Rally June 12-15 in Kalona
    goab(guy on a beemer)

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    Marin By God County, California
    I'm looking forward to seeing some of your pictures, Goab. It sounds like you're digging the GS.
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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