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Thread: Tell us about yourself and your bike!

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    My introduction (a copy of reply "H-D to BMW switch"

    As you can see, my first post on the board.

    My experience is the reverse. It has been BMW to H-D. After riding BMW for about 15 years I switched to H-D for the simple reason that NA and my good local dealer parted company in about 1995. The result was the prospect of at least a 80 mile ride for routine service, something I did not want to do. I remembered how it was when I had to take the day off to drive to Indianapolis to have my old 356C Porsche serviced. That was for the birds and I vowed never to have to do that again.

    The other problem I had was the styling of the "new" bikes. IMHO they looked like copies of what the Japanese were producing. They still do. So I'll still be "out of the fold", so to speak, unless we get a dealer in Terre Haute and we get distinctive styling from BMW (Yes, I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.)

    The local H-D dealer is, of course, a boutique, just like the excellant dealer, Revard, in Indianapolis. More's the pity. I wish there was a place to kick back and argue bikes, politics, religion and smoke cigars but I guess those days are gone forever.

    Retirement just provides too much time to think and rant. Maybe I'll relent and find me an old airhead and maybe Revard's will service it.

    For your interest, my mileage log on BMW reads 180,000 and on H-D 90,000. The BMW roster has included :
    '82 R65
    '84 R80RT
    '86 R65LS
    '85 K100RS
    '88 K100RS
    '90 K100RS
    '92 K100LT
    '64 R69S
    '85 R80/EML sidecar in both RS and RT configurations
    '90(I think) K75C

    The Harleys have been relaxing to ride and trouble free. Sure, they "appear" to be archaic in styling and engineering but I can tell you they are not. I still ride through all types of weather and ride all through the winter months and the bikes suit me. Still would like an old airhead in the stable, though.

    Take care and ride safe!

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    I went from Japanese bikes, to British bikes had a couple Harleys, a '69xlch (possibly the worst motorcycle ever produced in the modern era) and a 48 45cuin. I should have never sold that bike. It was slow as hell, but ran like a top and was fun to ride. Went back to Japanese, then to BMW. I like my bike because of its great torque, stunning brakes, and the most advanced suspension system designs in the industry. Plunk 300 pounds of rider and camping gear on an R1 and see how much fun that is after about 800 miles.
    I do a fair amount of 2 up riding, and the R1150RS is great for this. I may not have the fairing of an LT, but I normally have no use for it. Take off the bags and crank out the rear preload and it is plenty sporty for me. I hope the engine will last like the old bikes do, time will tell. I picked it up on Jan 14, and I have 5k miles so far. I have 0.9 financing, and I have yet to make a payment. (with BMW's permission, of course ) I have been totally satisfied with my bike and the service from my dealer. If I had a crystal ball though I have a feeling the RS would get some company in the near future.
    Gale Smith
    2009 Versys
    1999 R1100RT

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    Tell us about yourself

    My name is Paul Craven, I'm 53. I started riding when I was 16 on a Honda 305 Scrambler. Over the years I've owned a BSA, Ducati, a '52 panhead and a couple others. Bought my first beemer in 1979, an R80/7, and never looked back. Took that bike cross country for 3 months in the summer of '79. That was the best thing I ever did for myself. Rode it year-round in Rhode Island until my first child was born and my wife made me stop riding. It was a hard day the day I sold that bike, 32,000 miles in 2 years.

    Every summer after that I would point out a beemer to my wife while we were in the car. Amazingly 2 years ago, she looked at me and said, "You really want another bike don't you." She relented and the next day I bought a 1981 R100RT with 36,000 on it. I guess she figures the kids are old enough now and I have enough life insurance.

    The RT didn't have a fairing, so I pieced together parts on eBay and other places, had the fairing repainted black. Gary Van Voorhis, Yankee Beemers, worked on it for me. The bike was originally from California so it had all the emission control stuff on it. Gary removed that, adjusted the valves, balanced the carbs and it has run like a dream since.

    I've added 10,000 to the Odometer over the last 2 years. This winter I'm planning a top end and tranny rebuild, maybe get the tank etc repainted. She's not the prettiest R100RT you'll ever see, but, she is a joy to ride and looking good for a 23 year old bike.

    I work in Wash. DC but still live in Rhode Island. I fly home almost every weekend. Three weeks ago I rode the Beemer down here so I can explore the VA and W VA rodes. Did a weekend camping trip to the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Pkwy two weeks ago and had a great time.

    Hoping to meet up with some riders in the DC metropolitan area, joined the local club.

    "Keep the rubber side down"

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    My name is Chris Holt and I'm 39. I'm married with 2 cats and live in Scotch Plains, NJ (about 20 mins west of Newark Int'l). I grew up in south Jersey and in 1977 got my first bike--a '75 Honda XR75. My friend Darrin and I beat the crap out of that poor machine. It was alittle on the small side for us, but neither of us could afford the YZ125 that we dreamed about every night at the time! When I was 17 I bought a Yamaha QT50 (Yamahopper as it came to be known) during the moped outbreak of the early 80's. In 1984, my friend John Brenner bought a Honda Nighthawk and I got my first taste of true road riding. I'll never forget that summer day in June when he let me ride for an afternoon and I found myself on I295 doing 100mph before I realized how fast I was actually going.

    Fast forward to March of this year. Springtime is upon us again, and the yearly nagging of yearning for a bike starts in on me. I haven't ever owned a street machine. My co-worker of 6 years, Rob Lurz, owner of a '97 Yam YZ650, begins his annual heckling of me for not buying a bike and whining about it all the time instead. This year is gonna be different I tell him. I'm getting one. "Yeah, Ok.", he says.

    Well, I did it. And I not only bought a bike...I bought a BMW, I told him. An '02 R1100SA. So there. What's more, I made Rob take me in his pickup for a 2 hour ride to pick it up!!

    Then started the NJ "motorcycle permit to license" quest. Holy cow, what a pain in the butt it is getting a license in NJ nowadays!!! I have to constantly prove with 7 id's that I'm not a terrorist everytime I go to the DMV!!

    I'm legal now, and even taking the safety course this w/e sponsored by the NJ Div of Highway Safety.

    I'm getting to know my Beemer(thanks Cliffy!!) alittle more each time I ride. I hope to log lots of fun, safe miles on it. We bonded last Saturday night as I changed the oil for the first time!!! Soon, I'll take it down to Metuchen to Cross Country BMW for it's 6,000 mile service.

    I hope to ride down to Pot-Nets Delaware (near Rehobeth) this summer to visit my Pop at his bay house and even on down to Virginia Beach to visit Mom if I can manage. Those will be my first real road trips!

    Sorry this pic has me missing half my head...I'll take a better one later and replace it.....
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    Scotch Plains, NJ

    '02 R1100SA

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    Cool bike Foo

    Good story. Nothing like making your first road bike a really nice freakin' bike. Might as well start on the good stuff, huh?
    Good idea to take the safety course. Most of us on this forum are strong believers in wearing ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) in refernce to helmets, boots, jackets, gloves. and such like. It is a pain in the ass sometimes to get all dressed for around town errands, but it sure paid off for my sister-in-law last fall when she swerved to miss a cage that "didn't see her." Even though it was a low speed crash, her boots, jacket, and full-face kept her pretty as ever!

    FYI - "bimmer" is usually referring to the cars, while "beemer" is the motrocycle side of the family. Remember - they made motorcycles BEFORE they made cars!!
    Happy Trails, enjoy that cool bike.
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    Cool New bike

    After riding my new '04 RT since last August I traded it in this week for a new '05 K 1200 LT. I do a lot of two up riding so I decided to move up to the K bike. I had never even test ridden a K bike so when I picked up the bike this past week I was wondering if I made the right decision. The RT is a great ride so I wondered if I would get lost on the K luxury. I live about 350 miles from the dealer so I got to feel it out right away. When you get behind the wheel you feel like the front is way out there compared to the RT, but it steers very well after my fears about how it is suppose to be a monster in the parking lots, must be the new trail extenstion on the 05. After about 10 miles I felt great. On the highway the bike feels great, moves great and the center of gravity feels lower than the RT. I can't wait to really strech its legs on a long ride. btw, my wife loves the ride!

    75/6 BMW
    80 BMW RT
    04 BMW RT
    05 BMW LT
    IBA No. 58411
    Current Bike 2017 BMW R1200RT; 2008 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic 105th Anniversary Edition; Scooter

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    GS Drifter

    Howdy ya'll. I'm 50, currently single, own a small business and I live off Hwy 50, east of Sacramento in El Dorado Hills, CA. Salmon Falls Road runs behind my house -- and that connects with Hwy 49. So, I have access to a bizzillion miles of great bike roads (paved and dirt) without ever seeing a freeway.

    I can remember back in the early 70's, as a teenager in Santa Monica, there was this guy that commuted on a BMW with city cases. I remember how quiet it was -- barley audible in fact. And how tall it looked -- truly a unique machine. I said to myself, Self!someday, I'm going to get me one of them there!

    Well, I ended up with a honda 50cc as a starter bike, then moved up to a Honda 350, then a bought a Norton 850 Commander. Then in 1979, I sold the Norton (my last bike for over 23 years), until I caught the bug again.

    Naturally, the very next morning after the bug hit, I went down to the BMW dealer for a thorough check-up and to hopefully find a cure. After discussing the situation with the Sales Doc, he told me that I was no doubt suffering from a bad case of the dreaded lackomotoescapeus.

    There was no question in my mind. Something had to be done -- and quickly! After a couple of additional tests (just to be sure) the sales Doc prescribed the R1150 GS with hard luggage. Finally, a cure! But not yet having obtained my motorcycle endorcement, I asked the good doctor if he could make a house call with my new bike. Yes, I bought the GS sans demo ride.

    My 2002 GS ABS, is the slate gray with BMW top case and side luggage. I installed Motolights, Run-IN-Lights (front and rear), LED 'Back-off' brake lights, Throttle Miester and Corbin Canyon Sport heated seats.

    I now have 21,000 miles on it and have ridden across 7 states. I avoid the Interstates like the plague -- and find much more riding pleasure when taking the back roads, and lesser traveled state and county routes. I consider myself an 'Adventure Touring' type, enjoying fishing, camping, photography, BSing around the fire etc.

    Would be interested in meeting other GS Riders in the Greater Sacramento area.
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    Hiya Drifter!
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Howdy! Say, how do you like your new R1220GS?

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    You and your bike

    Just an update...We made it to the Spokane National Rally and it was great. Of course the trip there and back was awesome. We managed to turn about 7600 miles on this trip and saw some of the greatest scenery ever.

    Started out by doing our Iron Butt 1000 mile run and then slowed down a little to stop in Spearfish, SD for a pre rally. It was a good resting point and we met alot of people headed to Spokane. Took in some more new territories and managed to hit another rally in McCall, Idaho. (KTM rally) my companion had just bought a new 950 Adventure and wanted to catch a Tech seminar. Then on to Spokane.

    After the rally, we did a run down the west coast from Oregon to upper California and then across Utah, Nevada, Colorada, Kansas and then on in to SC again. SOme of the most awesome sights ever. If you've never been...."Do It!!! Just Do It!"

    Until later. and's great reading all about you guys...Keep up the posting..

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    Yeah, I did Southern Utah in Late April. Pretty much had the whole freaking place to myself for about 75% of the trip.

    Sounds likeyou really put on the miles

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    My name is Stephen and I'm a motorcycleaholic...

    I'm Stephen Burns. Happily married for 3 years now, even though I'm told I spend more time working on my bike than with my wife.

    I live off of Hwy 17 near Glenwood in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I'm a Web Developer for - The Internet's Largest News Site and I commute every day to work to Palo Alto on my 1987 K75S that I purchased a year ago. I put on 14,000 miles in the first year, travelling to Vancouver BC, Ensenada, Mexico and northern Californa.

    The bike was repainted in January with an original BMW color: classic black metallic. I've replaced all the bearings on it, replaced the brake rotors and had Brunos rebuild the drive shaft and spline. I love doing most of my own wrenching but leave the big jobs up to the dealer.

    I'm Canadian, originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and I've lived in Toronto for 10 years too.

    I started riding 3 years ago when I moved to California. First bike was a 1977 Kawasaki KZ400 and 9 months later I upgraded to a 1980 KZ750. That bike died on the last day of a trip back from BC, so I immediately found a K75s when I got back for $2100. My friend had one on our trip and I wanted one badly.

    In November I attended the Keith Code SuperBike School and learned the Art of Cornering. I'll be attending my first BMW rally at CCBR's Beemer Bash in Quincy this September.

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    Stephen Burns - 2007 R1200GS
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    Originally posted by GS Drifter
    Howdy! Say, how do you like your new R1220GS?
    It rocks. It's in for its 6K service right now. I'm sure it'll be happy when I get it back tomorrow.
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Your new 1200GS

    Did you have an 1150 before? If so, does the performance of the 1200 blow the 1150 away? or is it slightly better in the get-up-and-go department?

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    I'll see you at the BASH, Stephen!
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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