My name is Dennis Wyman, age 51, married to the wonderful Sharon. Two kids, full grown (?). Started riding in'72 once in a while. In '77 bought my own bike, Suzuki GS750. Kept it for about 6 years, till lovely bride wanted it gone. Turned to boating till '94 when urge to ride got big time (brother & step-father both had BMW's). Step-father made offer couldn't refuse; pay half the insuranace on the R80 and she's yours for the summer. Still have that bike. Before summer was done had made a great deal for it (thanks pops). Have a '91 K100RS which is my primary ride right now. Just starting to get into the longer rides and finding that I really enjoy it. Also get to ride my wife's Hondas. Haven't learned enough about computers yet for pictures, when I do I'll try to add some. Think this is really a great addition to the MOA site. Kudo's to the people who organized this. Forgot, live in Vassar, MI and work for Delphi as a skilled trades ldr. Maybe I'll try that picture thing.