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Thread: Tell us about yourself and your bike!

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    This ought to be cool!

    This ought to be cool... patterned after the Members Profiles section of the BMW MOA site, this new forum is intended you let you introduce yourself to nearly 40,000 new friends.

    Feel free to tell us about yourself, your bike(s), your theory about life... just like you would at a Rally.

    If you'd like to make a post, just click the Post Reply button at the top or the bottom of this page.

    If you're a real egomaniac, start a new thread about yourself... or your club.

    Hey.... it's great to meet you!

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    Mighty Whitey

    My name is Ian Schmeisser, #50592, and this is a pic of me and my favorite bike. I am 48, married with two grown kids and live in Lawrenceville, GA.

    I've wanted a BMW dirtbike ever since I saw one of these at the Six-Day Trials, in Massachusetts in 1973:

    Too cool! When I saw that big german guy ride that bike down the road, sliding turns at way over 100mph, then blasting into the woods and throwing dirt and rock everwhere... I knew that was the bike for me!

    I bought mine in 1986 with 200 miles on it. The original owner had put knobbies on it and didn't like the noise they made while riding on the street.

    My G/SPD is a very special bike... it is actually an R100 set up to make TORQUE! I kept the R80 heads but dual-plugged them, added needle-bearing rocker arms, lightened wristpins, medium compression pistions, 40mm euro carbs, balanced & blueprinted the bottom end. It is smoooooth... and the ultimate weapon in the North Georgia Mountains, where I spend a lot of time wearing out the sides of my tires and touring the trails in the National Forests.

    If you're ever in the area, send me an e-mail and I will be glad to show you roads you will never forget!

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    Meet Lynn Landis

    Lynn rides an R11S... and quite well indeed. You can read about her in the Members Profile section of the BMW MOA site.

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    Meet Marco Prozzo

    You can learn all about Marco, who is an incredibly talented photographer and GS rider, in the Members Profile section of the BMW MOA site.

    If you'd like, you can check out some of the photographs he's taken for the BMW MOA:



    and here.

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    Meet Johnathan Gifford

    Johnathan is a Chain Gang kinda guy, and another person featured in the Members Profile section of the BMW MOA site.

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    Meet Sue Diaz

    Sue is a rider extraodinaire, and has a number of interesting BMWs. She may need one with a sidecar now, as her and her husband Jon have just brought a new little Diaz into the world.

    You can learn more about Sue in the Members Profiles section of the BMW MOA web site.

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    Jack Attack!

    Jackie Flood is a special case. Nut case to those who know her. She just got a new F650GS, and took her first ride on a gravel Road.

    You can read more about her exploits in the Members Profiles section of the BMW MOA site.

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    Mike Traynor, Mister Ride for Kids?

    Mike Traynor rides a Last Edition R100RS, when he's not on his beloved Honda ST1100 (and a new 1300 is waiting in the wings!)

    Mike is one of the most fantastic riders you'd ever want to meet. 20 years ago, he and his wife Dianne dedicated their lives to helping find the cause and cure of brain tumors in kids. Through their Ride for Kids? program they've raised many millions of dollars to further the efforts of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation..

    Amazing guy, Mike... learn more about him in the Members Profiles section of the BMW MOA site.

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    Al Vangua

    Al is a long-time member of the BMW MOA and you can read more about him in the Members Profiles section of the BMW MOA site.

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    Herb and Wilma Stark

    Two very nice members who run a great motocycle campground in northeast Texas.

    You can meet them in the

    Members Profiles section of the BMW MOA site.

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    Jim Colburn

    Jim is a talented rider and curmudgeon... read more about him in the Members Prfiles section of the BMW MOA website.

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    Focused kbasa's Avatar
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    Marin By God County, California


    Well, since nobody else is gonna go, I will.

    My name is Dave Swider and I have a BMW motorcycle problem. (rest of room - Hi Dave!) I've been in Marin By God County, California for about 4 years now, after living in Massachusetts for 20 years.

    When I was about 18, my dad brought home a 1977 R75/7, which pretty much hooked me on BMWs. In about 1990, I hooked up with the Yankee Beemers (Hi guys!) and was honored to serve as president for three years. That experience got me hooked up with the BMWMOA and the BMWRA. I've worked in some capacity in a couple of national rallies with both organizations. I'm still more involved in the Yankee Beemers than one would suspect, given my location, and still miss hanging with those folks.

    I'm currently riding a BMW R1100S that I truly love and a 1998 Honda VFR800, which is an outstanding motorcycle.

    Tina and I have been married for nearly 19 years and spend a little less time crossing the country and a little more time exploring the west.

    Always wear proper protection when performing motorcycle maintenance and never drink the mercury out of your carb stix
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Berkeley California

    you see a was under the Impression this WAS by invitation only

    I go!!!!!!!!!!!

    my name is Ricardo Kuhn,,my Ingles is not even close to perfect i'm from sur america specifically from colombia,,now i live in berkeley california.

    I'm a industrial designer and this days I aplly my knowage to motorcycles,actually i have a little design company,(notice NO spam Here)and I gatter my years of education plus empical experince,to generate design and ergonomic problems.

    for a hobby I design unbuildable things and just dreams..

    here are some samples
    this is "parodie" about the segway,,,the "NIKE" treat mill to go to the gym with out walking to go and walk on the treat mill that bring you to the shop...
    Confuse,,,don't worry you are suppost to.

    Here are some more others

    this are drawings for a BIKE study,,Dream bike I quess,,,very pracmatic and totally buildable.

    Here are some more drawings

    when I live in colombia I divide my day in bettwen,,teaching at the university,,riding my bicycle(pro mountain bike racer) and managing my bicycle shop,that I made with my own hands

    here I spend my days trying to the destroy my bikes the best ways i can(2002 49" rally photo thansk to mister fish)

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    On the Road
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    north carolina
    now that Ricky and Basa have gone i guess i will too.

    my name is matt donnelly i am 31y/o and live in huntersville, north carolina(just a hair north of charlotte on beautiful lake norman). Moved to charlotte 2 years ago from golden, colorado on a whim. fun things can happen when you AND your wife both hate your jobs. I work as a paramedic in charlotte and am a full time student to boot, physicians assistant program in near future. I ride a 2001 1150gs, this is my first bmw but i have drooled over the gs since before my first bike, a 1984 vfr700. i turned 20000 miles on the gs today, far exceeding the milage put on all my previous bikes combined, and she just keeps getting better everyday. i have finally figured out how to post pics but all the ones i have are already up
    i am going to myrtle beach this weekend so i may have some new pics and story coming soon.


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    My name is Ron Barthelme. I'm an "instrument maker" (scientific machinist) and shop supervisor, employed at Northwestern University for the past 18 years. I just recently turned 50 and have owned about 16 bikes, (I think) starting with a 125 Yamaha twin purchased from a friend in 1968. I raced motocross for several years in the early-mid 70s, starting with a Bultaco 125 Sherpa "S". (wasn't very good but I sure had fun) Other bikes I've owned have included a CZ, a Maico, A Honda Elsinore and an old ratty Sportster when I was 19. My first Beemer was an R65 I bought in 1985, followed by a K1100LT.

    I'm really still a novice at long distance riding, having been the typical "casual rider" most of my life. Maybe it's some kind of middle aged thing, I don't know, but starting about 4 years ago, I now find myself riding 25-30,000 miles a year and loving every mile. I've done the IBA SS1000, (a few undocumented ones too) and finished Team Strange's Great Lakes Challenge in 60 hours, including a Bun Burner 1500. I hope to do the Great Lakes again this summer to make it under 50 hours, and have tentative plans for a 50CC in October. (with a BBgold if I can make it to El Paso in 24) I guess it just seems like the thing to do to celebrate the big 5-Oh.

    I'd tell you all the things I love about riding, but I suspect that I'd just be preaching to the choir. One thing I will note, is the countless friendships I've found in the last few years. This also includes myriad encounters with other riders I'll probably never see again. The Canadian guy on the ST1100 at a rest stop near Daytona, that old "rat biker" on an overladen Harley (w/300,000 miles on the odometer) south of Cheyenne, and many, many others. I'll be damned if I remember their names, but I can see their faces (and scoots) as clear as day, and remember everything we talked about.

    I fell in love with bikes when my oldest brother came home with a Honda "Benly", about 1963. I intend to keep riding 'till I can no longer hold a bike up. Then, I'll slap a sidehack on it and go ride.

    Hope to see you all on the road.

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    "The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see."

    G. K. Chesterton

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