Hi folks, I have been riding motorbikes for the past 52 years, probably just like lots of you old guys . I started on a Cushman when I was about 12. I was lucky enough to live in the country and did not have to worry about traffic, license or cops. I rode that scooter all the way through to the 10th grade. After the military, (‘«÷66 to ‘«÷69) bought a ‘«÷74 850 Moto guzzi Eldorado which seemed very cool at the time but the first trip I took to the Rockies it broke down. Cost me about $600. to haul it back to Texas. Yes, I sold it. Then I found a sweet swb 75/5 in ‘«ˇ75; that was one of the best bikes I ever owned and sorry I don‘«÷t have it now. I put lots of miles on it in the states and Mexico during the ‘«ˇ70‘«÷s. Besides putting a clutch in it, I never had a lick of trouble. In 1980 I bought an almost new R100rs Euro mdl. So now I had two bikes and was living high on the hog. I also joined the BMOA either that year or the next. I was a member on and off over the next , well until now. That rs took me all over the states , to the East coast and West. I Circumnavigated Mexico and crisscrossed it twice, it was fast, dependable and sexy. Then I had a chance to buy my brothers r90s and I just had to have it, so then I had three , all different but all good at something different . The rs was my long distant fast tourer, the 90s was better in the mountains and twisties when I could find them in Texas and the /5 was just smooth, quite and dependable. It was the one I would jump on to go to the store , ride to work or just tootle around. I rode my bikes to work 60miles each way 5-6 days a week for 15 years and not because of gas prices. But, time and things change and I ended up selling the /5 and 90s and buying a ocean going catamaran. Put the rs in storage at my brother‘«÷s , loaded up the family and took off on the High seas.
That lasted about two years and then the wife abandoned ship‘«™said she didn‘«÷t like camping out. I stayed on for another few months along with my youngest boy and then sold the boat and went back to the wife and land life. Of course I got the rs out of mothballs and rode the tires off of it for the next few years untill the wife left for good. I shouda kept the boat. The kids were out of school and in college so I decided I would make a major life change. I had a teaching certificate so I went to Taiwan and taught English for the next 10 years. I also taught in Thailand and China. Oh, I put the rs back in mothballs again first. While in Taiwan I bought a 1994 r11oo naked bike. In those days they were illeagal in Taiwan; the largest displacement bike you could legally have was 250cc. This one was smuggled in from Japan in pieces and then put back together and sold. Me being an American was like being a big fish in a small pond in those days. I would get stopped occasionally by the local police. They would walk around the bike checking it out,( the license plate said, ‘«£BMW‘«ō) , I would pull my helmet off and immediately they would say, no problem‘«™go go‘«™.The bottom line is they couldn‘«÷t speak English and didn‘«÷t want the problem it would be to arrest me. Now is China, it is a different story‘«™they would have put me under the jail. I spent lots of time in China and at one point was English director at a college in Jiujung, China. I rode a scooter all over the place there without problems. Anyway back to Taiwan. I rode the r100 for a few years until they made it legal to own larger displacement bikes. At that time, I was a member of the Rotary Club in Taichung , Taiwan and had many friends with money that decided to buy bikes at that time. (A note here: My Taiwanese friends always had a problem pronouncing my name so decided to nick name me Beemer, which was ok with me.) Of course I talked them into BMW‘«÷s but I couldn‘«÷t buy one for myself because of the cost. Taiwan has 100% import tax on auto‘«÷s and motorcycles, so you see the reason. I was used to smuggled bikes with no import tax. One of my doctor friends at the Rotary decided he would by two, so he got a 1150gs and a Harley Electra glide. He let me ride the gs and we got a club together and every Wednesday went riding in the mountains and had lunch and then went to work around 2pm each day. We had about 20 members when I left there in 2006. I had gotten married in 2005 to a much younger woman and in 2006 had my 5th child, the other 4 all being aged from 28 to 40. ( A note: I had to take a Chinese name there to put on my resident card, so I took my wife's last name ‘«£Hung‘«ō and my nick name Beemer which is pronounced ‘«£B‘«÷moa‘«ō in Chinese..I kid you not‘«™and that is what is on my Taiwanese registration card) Anyway, I came back to the states at the end of 2006 and bought some rentals and commercial property where I could have a job. No one would hire me, I was too old, so had to buy myself one. Also for some reason I had another child, so now I have two under 6 years old at home. Back to motorcycles‘«™. My rs burned in a fire two years ago‘«™since then I have bought a ‘«÷87 k75s which is probably the smoothest riding bike I have ever owned and then a ‘«÷03 r1150rs which is probably the fastest bike I have ever owned. I rode the k75s to Montana this past summer without problems but it just didn‘«÷t give me the wind protection I like. The 1150rs had to much technology for me, quick fuel disconnects that break (when you are in the middle of no where) and oil sigh glasses that pop out for no reason. But even with the problems, these bike were pretty good, they just weren't the bike of my dreams or my past. So, in the last few months I have sold both of them and bought a beautiful gold 1978 R100rs . I have in a way come full circle, well almost. I‘«÷m now looking for the perfect pre ‘«÷74 or earlier to keep my rs and me company . I plan on being at the next National Rally and hope to see and meet some of your then. Well that‘«÷s my bike life in a nut shell up to now, what‘«÷s yours?