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    Hello, I am Paul

    I became interested in motorbikes, in the late fifties, when our paper boy had a motorized bicycle. Then a neighbor rode over on a Cushman (sp) to give me a ride. While at H.S an underclassman rode up on a Triumph, not sure of the displacement, and did a wheelie and almost biffed the pavement. I was definitely hooked.
    I discovered my nephew had purchased a motorcycle and I went over to look it over and ask to take it for a ride. He said, "sure". I never shifted or clutched in the manner one does on a motorcycle but I got use to it in a few miles.

    Forward to 1966 and I bought a small displacement motorbike to get off base and ride the beach roadways. I met a girl and we took a few short rides until I sold the bike. That same girl rides with me today.

    In 1979 I bought a CB 100 to ease the wear and tear on my '78 Thunderbird, four barrel carbs and all. The 100 was perfect for getting down the road a few miles to work and back.
    My children got older and larger, so I bought a CX500 and rode it for a year. My bride and I took a few rides on it but the add-on fairing didn't satisfy me, nor the high spin of the tach.

    I bought a new Shadow 500 and realized that that bike was not much more comfortable than the CB 100. I sold it.

    A high school kid came to my house selling magazines. It was a money making project for him so I felt I had to ease his pain and looked over his list of possibilities. I took delivery of Motorcyclist Magazine. In one of the issues was the first K-model BMW's. I was hooked, big time.

    I bought a slightly used K100 LT '85. I finally got my bride to take a long ride with me to western South Dakota. It was very nice and she became enthusiastic for future rides and even suggested we get "outfitted" for our future rides with boots, jackets, rainsuits, proper helmets (with intercoms), and proper gloves. From my note you can tell I didn't have those things already.

    Fast forward fifteen years and we are at Bike Week Sturgis South Dakota and we had just gotten off of a ride on a K1200 LTI. I was stunned at what came from my brides lips, after I had wondered aloud about buying just one more "touring class" motorcycle? She said, 'this one is really comfortable, perhaps this model might be the one for us?' I smiled broadly and stuttered out, "yes, good idea". That November I rode to Sioux City Iowa to pick up the ride I have today.

    We have made several long rides since moving to western South Dakota: To Tenton, On for the MOA international rally, twice to Oregon and once to southern Illinois, and a few lesser trips to family events.

    Yes, the weight and size of the beast has caused me to put it down, at slow speeds, in a turning mode, twice with her on it. she has never like that sudden stop after sliding off the seat.

    I guess, if I get to the point where I cannot hold it up anymore, I'll opt for a CAN-AM.

    Ride'um if you got'um
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