I have been floating around the forum for a couple of months now and made a few posts so I guess I should introduce myself. I live in Arizona in the Metro Phoenix area. I have been riding off and on for about fourteen years now. I always wanted to ride a motorcycle but my parents were always worried about my safety.

Well I showed them and became a police officer and three years later became a motor cop. I rode for about five years until I was promoted and thrown back into a car. I really missed the ride and after four years my wife gave me the nod to buy a motorcycle.

Honestly, I always felt BMW's were ugly and never considered them. But after learning the safety features and taking a ride on one, every other type of motorcycle is ugly now and I love my '04 1150rt (Blue).

I really enjoy the forum and appreciate all the expert help. Can't wait to meet everyone thinking about riding to Lima. Long way but maybe I can hook up and ride with someone from Arizona.