I'm looking for Gerg, have heard about him but haven't found him yet. I met a Greg (another blue RT) but not the same guy. Maybe I'll find him at a meeting in the near future. Bfield is a fairly small town--he can run but he can't hide.


Yours is a beaut, too. Sorry to read about what happend to your previous grey. While perusing the brochure and website, I was convinced that blue was the only color I could rule out for sure. I just couldn't decide btwn red, silver, or grey. When I got to the showroom, blue was clearly the only choice. Brian Bell--the salesperson--insisted on wheeling it out into the sun and I was sold. And it was the only blue they had in stock with the cylinder head guards already installed. How could I say no?

Hope to encounter both of you on the road one day.