Hi to all,
I got a 07 K12GT last April. It had 1400 miles.
If you have any questions about riding in RI, feel free to contact me.

I had a 99 R12C for a few years and rode that on the Blue Ridge and out to Colorado via Rt.50.
I traded in the R12 and still miss it.
I still have my 97 HD Sportster.

I just got back from a 2,800 mile trip through the Blue Ridge Parkway, Smoky Mountains and Chatahoochee National Forest.
To look at a few photos:


Motorcycle Trip Data
Blue Ridge Parkway, Suches, Georgia and Smoky Mts.
12 days, 2833 miles

Day 1 - Leave Warwick RI 5:15AM; Odometer=2650
All Highway;
Arrive Martinburg , West Virginia 4PM; Odom=3088
11 hours; 438 miles
Day 2 - 6/22 - Leave 8AM;
Skyline Drive and beginning of BlueRidge Parkway
Afternoon rain; Arrive at Buena Vista VA,@4PM; Odom=3309
Bueuna Vista Motel was AWFUL

All 2 lane mountain road; 8 hours; 221 miles
Day 3 - 6/23 Leave 7:30AM
More of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Excellent weather.
Arrive at Little Switzerland (nice place) @6:30. 11 hours; 300 miles
Day 4 6/24 Leave 9:30AM
Completed the Blue Ridge PW. Sunny/Warm
Arrive Cherokee, North Carolina @2:30PM
5 hours; 155 miles. Odom=3763
Day 5 6/25 Stayed in Cherokee another day.
Rode through and around the Smoky Mountains.
Leave 9:30AM, Return 2:30PM
5 hours; 118 miles. Odom=3881
Day 6 6/26 Leave 10:00AM
Arrive in Suches GA at 2:30PM for a 4 day stay
at High Valley Cabins.
4.5 hours; 107 miles. Odom=3988
Day 7 6/27 Friday my nephew arrived, (Yamaha R1) and we
rode Rt.60, Rt.180 and a few other loops around the mountains in northern GA.
4 hours; 112 miles. Odom=4100
Day 8 6/28 Leave 9:30AM. A wicked awesome day.
Rode north beginning on Rt.60 to the Cherohala Skyway,
Rt.28 and returned to Suches via a number of 2 lane roads.
Spent some time helping to fix my nephews bike. (Fuel line leak)
Returned to Suches at 5:15.
8 hours; 223 miles. Odom=4383
Day 9 - 6/29 - Rode a short loop aound the northern GA mountain area
97 miles. Odom=4420
Rested for the long, (1063 mile) highway ride home.
Day 10 6/30 -- Leave Suches 9AM
Returning home via Rts.85N, 77N & 81N.
Arrive New Bern VA @6PM
9 hours; 380 miles. Odom=4800
Day 11 6/31 - Leave 6:30AM
Arrive Clinton, NJ @ 5PM
10+ hours; 451 miles. Odom=5251
Day 12 7/1 Leave 7AM
Arrive home, (RI) @11:30
4.5 hours; 232 miles. Odom=5483