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Thread: Tell us about yourself and your bike!

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    Cool Intro DocAdams91C

    My Rides: 95 R100RT , 82 R65LS, 07 Ural Gearup
    Long distance Sports Touring is my thing. Tents are not bad places to sleep.
    Key West during Bike Week and Fantasy Fest are OK places. NO Daytona, Laconia, Sturgis, Americade or other poser fests! Trailers are for broken bikes only, if there's no ice on the road, let's ride there!

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    I ride an R65 1981. Great bike. The longer I live, I'm 47, the more I realize keeping my mouth shut is really a good idea.

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    Rally Rat
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    Buffalo Grove IL
    I currently own a 04 R1150R with a bad case of Farkle disease.
    Been riding on the road since 76'. I am set with this BMW as my bike for a long time, as I need not go any quicker than it.

    Had a great time at my first Rally, The Rally.

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    Boxers Forever!

    This bike has been in the family forever. I bought my Slash 5 R60 in April of 1971 and my brother bought his in June (I think). This bike is now a combination of the two, the parts have gone to Vermont to keep some other Boxers on the road. I was tempted, this year, to sell it and finally ride behind a windscreen and fairing but, after much consideration, I can't part with it!!

    The photo is from my last ride to Thunder Bay Ontario, 2500 miles over 1 week!!
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    My first bike(s), a learning process

    A little about myself. I'm a firefighter from Texas, and I've been interested in riding motorcycles ever since my dad bought his first one when I was growing up, but it never seemed the right time. I'm a bit of an overachiever, so as my 36th birthday was fast approaching I decided that if I was going to have an early mid-life crisis that I needed to be a rider before my 36th birthday. I signed up for the BRC from the MSF, and was irrevocably hooked by the end of the first day on that little 250cc bike. I told myself that there was no rush getting a bike, and had one within three days, a used Honda VLX 600.

    Fast forward a little over a month and about 600 miles. I was still having a blast riding, but was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with that little Honda I had initially purchased. It wasn't that it was a bad bike, it's actually a great little bike, but it wasn't right for what I wanted to do, which was day trips around the area. Of course it took a month of riding experience to realize that, so I think of it not so much of a false start but part of the learning experience.

    Cruisers look great and sound great, but I found myself with a growing list of desired changes. A more standard footpeg arrangement for surmounting obstacles, higher gearing more suitable for highway use, a windscreen, lockable on-bike storage, and a more comfortable seat. In short, a touring bike. Before taking a perfectly good street cruiser and opening the wallet to start changing it, I decided to look at what kind of naked or tourer was available first, with an eye for another beginner friendly bike that had touring chops. If I could do so without losing a bunch of money on the Honda, then all the better. I thought about selling the Honda private party, but if I traded it in then the value of it would subtract from the taxable value of the new bike, a savings that I would not be able to duplicate selling to a person.

    First thing I did was take my Honda back to the dealer I purchased it from, to see what kind of trade in value he would give me. He would offer me 2/3rds of the purchase price to buy it back, or slightly higher if I traded it in on another bike he had. He had a Yamaha FZ6 that I took for a test ride and how different from a cruiser can you get? The Yamaha FZ6 also has a 600cc engine like the VLX, but the Inline-4 it sports is a totally different beast from the V-twin I was currently riding. Frankly, it was too much bike for me right now, and the leaning forward sportbike ergos had me feeling like I was constantly about to fall into the tank. I imagine it would have been more comfortable at highway speeds with air pressure pushing you back up, but a twist of the throttle got me up to 40 in 2nd gear without even thinking about it. It would not be a forgiving bike if I made an error, not a good learning bike. That said, it was quite peppy and fun, I imagine that it's going to be in consideration for a subsequent bike. Add in the fact that it was going to cost me about $2500 over trade-in, and it wasn't the right bike.

    I then went to a local Suzuki dealer to sit on a V-strom 650. I liked the ergos, it was a taller bike which I liked, and had touring accessories like hard bags available for it. I wasn't sure how much off-roading capability I would need though since I have no experience with it, and I suspected that a heavy 650 would not be ideal to learn how to off-road with. Also the reports of buffeting and uncomfortable seat led me to suspect that I would have to put some money into the bike after purchase to make it suit me better. On top of all that was the price. I was going to have to shell out a couple of thousand in addition to my trade-in to get one from a dealer. So I decided to pass on the V-Strom. Once again, I liked the bike so it may be in future consideration for a future bike.

    My next trip was to the local BWM dealer to look at some used bikes they had listed. Or particular interest was a used K75RT. It had all the tourer features I was looking for, and I don't think I have to tell any of you how much fans of the "flying bricks" love theirs. All it took was one test ride and I was lost. Talk about a smooth running bike. I did a little horse trading, the dealership called around and was able to offer me enough on my trade-in that I purchased the K75 for $250 out of pocket. That sealed the deal for me.

    I picked up the K75 on a Saturday, and took it for a 160 mile meander through the hill country west of Austin. The ride included some pretty nice twisties and some segments of slab. The K75 took it all like a champ. I had one moment where I dragged my left boot on a twisty and backed off a little bit, but it was quite capable in the turns. The aftermarket saddle went a long way towards eliminating numb butt syndrome, and the fairing and windshield and higher gearing made running at highway speeds much more enjoyable, where as before it was simply something to endure. The hard bags give me some much needed on-bike storage. I'm going to see if there are some other options, the locks are pretty cheesy and will only keep honest people honest, but since it has to stay outside my apartment they are appreciated and a starting place.

    The Inline-3 cylinder has plenty of torque for me, I can beat most cars off the light, and can cruise all day at 75-80. I got it up to 95 yesterday in a straight segment, I imagine it will do more if I open the throttle all the way, but why would I need to? Will this be my last bike? No. But it's a good and forgiving learner that I can take on day trips, which is what I want in a bike right now. I was actually surprised at how well it handled the small backroads. I had a couple of low water crossings, some gravel segments, and a couple of cattleguards to cross. The K75 handled them all with grace and made it look easy.

    The only "problem" I have with it, is it gets pretty warm around the upper legs when running at highway speeds. The previous owner installed a Corbin seat, and found that they couldn't put the side panels back on. I suspect that part of the heat problem is from these missing panels. I'm going to look for some used ones and see if I can adapt them to work with the seat.


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    Talking New to BMW

    Hi Everyone
    I am Jesse, from Oklahoma and I am new to riding a BMW.
    I just purchased a 93 BMW K75S from a very dear friend who can no longer ride. He literally gave it to me with 6500 miles on it. Pristine Condition.
    It is my dream bike that I have wanted for a very long time.

    I hope to learn alot from all of you, who seem to have much more knowledge than me. Can't wait to learn.


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    I'm Marc from just outside Washington, DC and I'm new to riding and BMWs. Took MSF BRC and got licensed about a month ago. Ride a new F800ST and just passed the 1,300 mile mark.

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    Great to meet you.. welcome.

    ... and nice bike!

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
    __________________________________________________ ________________________________
    '67 Trail 90 || '86 R80 G/SPD+ || '97 F650ST || '00 1150 GS || '06 HP2e || '07 Xchallenge || '14 Grom

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    hi from spain


    first at all..forgive me by my bad english.

    I' from Spain and i think that is nice to speak with another forums about our BMW.
    I have a GS1200R from this july and i had before little sister GS650 from five years ago.

    I'm very glad with my GS and i hope to send yours soon some pictures about the tours here in Spain.

    This link is about BMW riders 2007 in Granada two weeks ago.

    I hope that your like.

    best regards and vsssssssss


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    Many Questions

    Hello Dave,
    I just joined MOA today and this is my first attempt at online comms. I am planning a trip to Mexico this winter and was wondering about your experiences South of the border.
    Quote Originally Posted by goab View Post

    My name is David 42 single.I have been riding since 95'.I rode 3 different Harleys before finding BMW.I took a few nice 2 wk solo tours on the Harleys..New Orleans,Sturgis,Western Canada.Just enough to whet my appetite.In Nov 2000,after a few "life event changes" and finding on the web that true"globetrotters" rode a R1150 GS I sold the HD left MInneapolis and headed south on my new ride,"The Silver Beast".
    The GS is"The Bike".
    22,000+ miles and 10 months.I hit most of Mexico in 4 months.Circled the SW US and headed up the west coast.Western Canada via the inside passage and Stewart Ak.I think I hit almost every Natl Park.After 9/11 my heart wasn't in it and I cut the trip short after circlng the great plains.Man,I never felt so alive as during that trip.I am in SE Iowa now and new to the area.
    I am always looking for riding buddies!!!
    I kept a journal and took 1,000 pictures.I have some on my web page but I need to edit and upload the rest.
    See you at the Iowa Rally June 12-15 in Kalona
    goab(guy on a beemer)

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    Traveling the southern latitudes

    Last October (2006) spent a month touring New Zealands North Island on a rental 650GS. Being a lad of little faith I next shipped my 650GS from Hawaii to New Zealand and toured both the South and North Island of New Zealand for another 3 months (Feb-April 2007).
    Back to Hawaii leaving the beamer in Auckland. Back down in June and shipped the bike to Sydney. From June to the end of September (2007) going counter-clockwise I managed to put on over 30k or 19,000 US miles. The bike sits in a small town just north of Melbourne. I return to Australia January for another 2 months touring Tasmania, Victoria mountains and finally back to Sydney. Shipping the bike back to the west coast for a try at the artic circle in 2008.
    If anyone has done the artic circle and has an itinerary of your trip I will gladly give you a CD copy of my travels through OZ.

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    WNY, Further fron NYC, than 6 entire states!
    Me, I like to ride all day and go nowhere. Or wander the small twisty bits or blacktop, with an occasional dirt road thrown in. Hate main roads and avoid the slab like the plague.

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    Beautiful bike pffog. I've always liked the BCRs.
    R75/5 R100RS K100RS R1150RT
    My Smugmug

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    Love the RT

    Hi All,
    My name is Chris and I live in central Ohio. Here is my first BMW a 2004 R1150RT. I bought it intending to do more motorcycling and it has been working wonders.

    Years ago I took some trips on my '80 Suzuki and '78 Honda, from Texas to the Outer Banks, some solo and some with my girl. When we got married and kids entered our lives the riding declined and the trips all but disappeared. But through the years I still kept the Suzuki GS1000 and picked up an old HD shovelhead and Yamaha 125 4 stroke dirt bike for some riding fun.

    Back to the RT, I decided to get some current two wheeled technology and shopped BMWs for six months before finding this one over in Coshocton Ohio. Cathy loves the bike, she has always enjoyed riding with me. In mid October we headed south thru NC, SC Georgia and WV for a getaway week. The adventure was one we have not had in over 20 years. We are already planning for our next trip to Nashville in the spring.

    I have never attended a rally but hopefully will make one soon. Yeah, thats it, a 2008 new years resolution! With BMW Anon on board and with the MOA resource it seems like help is always a click or phone call away.

    Well that is it for now. Hope to see you sometime on the road.

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    Hi all! My name is Jim and I am from Western Tennessee. About a year and a half ago i purchased the R1200RT with the idea of retiring and hitting the road. A trip to the Dragon(US 129) with my FZ-1 prior to that kinda changed my mind. Feeling rather sporty and riding rather quickly, a low-side on an inside curve where the bike bounced up in the air and proceeded to "soft-land" on top of me, put me out of the riding business for about 8 months. Welll I have mostly healed, and this May I WILL retire and try hitting the road again(please no puns)! My first trip will be to the scene of my almost demise, though now on a bike more suited to my advancing years. From there, who knows,, probably will make the rally this year and see just how far I can go! Hope to see everyone there..Jim

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