My name is mark and bought a k75rt this past spring.I have ridden since I was 18 or so.I'm 51 yrs old and folks my age were likely to have started riding on a 350 honda.I owned a used one for a year or two and then moved up to a 550 honda 4 cylinder.When I was about 22 I bought a brand new '77 R100/7.I put a Luftmeister fairing with lowers and Krauser saddle bags on it.I live in suburban Chicago.I rode that bike to the Blue ridge Parkway four years in a row.When I would be back home I was spoiled from those trips.It's not much fun riding in the Midwest after experiencing the beautiful Appalachians.I got married and had a few kids and sold the bike,in about '92, as it was not getting any use.The kids grew up and so now I've got some time to ride.I really like the K75.It is a big step up from the r100.