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Thread: East Coast Airhead Tech Day this June

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    East Coast Airhead Tech Day this June

    Once again this summer I will be hosting the Festival of Fives at Seneca Rocks WV and I got to thinking that it would be fun to put together an Airhead Tech Day during the rally. The fact we could do this just illustrates the beauty of the airheads, esp the /5 - /7’s in that all regular maintenance items can be done with nothing other than the standard tool kit, plus a few small odds and ends. This includes, timing, valve adjustments, all oil changes, carb rebuilding, filter and plug replacement. We even have several folks on the /5 list that own the infamous “Son of Tool” which is used to align the rocker arms properly on the valve stems, (at least I THINK that its called?) correct me if I'm wrong, but whatever its called, this alignment ensures that the valves rotate which adds life to the valve seats/faces. It also helps insure that the rocker arm blocks are squeezed together so the rockers don’t move laterally on the shafts. The only item needed beyond the stock tool kit is either a timing light or volt meter for static timing. You can even adjust steering head bearing with nothing other than the tool kit. There are folks that can help with solving the dreaded airhead front-end wobble, its an easy fix and makes the bike a ton more stable.

    We also have several folks that show up each year who are knowledgeable on doing simple road-side repairs including how to make an emergency wheel bearing spacer from a tin can.

    So, if I can get enough interest, I could rent the covered pavilion for Saturday, and as we have done it the past bikes could be lifted onto one of the picnic tables to be used as a bike lift, as seen below

    /5 Style BikeLift.. :

    I’d really like to get this Festival of Fives geared up again, at one time we over 50 /5’s showing up for the event and Seneca Rocks is in the heart of some of the best airhead roads in WV and is only 2 and half hours away. There a ton of great day rides, caverns, Dolly Sods wilderness area, some gravel roads for the GS crowd, a cool old Shay logging train you can ride up Cass Mountain, take a tour of the Green bank Radio Astronomy Telescope, etc.
    FoF 2001 rally Photo

    Yokum’s has tons of camping, there are cabins and a four-plex with three 2-bedroom units with kitchens and a one-bedroom unit that I rent and a small motel with decent rooms within a five minute walk, above the Yokum’s general store. I’ll have coffee and breakfast snacks Saturday and Sunday at the four-plex on site and there is beer, ice, food and eats within a five minute walk of the campground., along with some decent restaurants within a 30 minute ride. There is also climbing and hiking up to the top of the Rocks and a nice stream for fishing right along side the camp ground.

    So all you Airheads out there, what say you? And anyone else is welcome as well, early June at Seneca is usually blessed with warn, but not hot, days and cool nights and there are several fire pits in the campground and someone always come around with reasonably priced firewood for sale.

    See the flyer I put up for the Festival of Fives under "events" for more info.

    So if you live within a days ride and own an airhead, you really need to attend!

    See the Festival of Fives rally info posted HERE more info on location, dates, etc.

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