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    Question Weatherproof portable CB

    I was wondering about a weatherproof/waterproof portable CB. Does anyone have any experiance on them and what would make a good choice. I want to mount it to my accessory shelf on my R12RT. This way I can talk with my Wife on her new Wing. We were using FRS's but I would rather use the CB option. I have seen other bikes with hand helds attached and wanted to get some opinions.

    I know that J&M makes a nice model but I don't know If I want to pay that much for all the extra stuff needed. I already have an IMC motocom unit I use for intercom/MP3/Audio/Bike2Bike. So I already have a head set (Although the IMC Headset isn't the best).

    I have been looking at the Midland 75-822 hand held unit. This unit looks nice but I wonder about if it rains. Is it water resistant like my FRS radio was.

    Ok thanks for the help.

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    We just went to our first club meeting and ended up buying a used Midland 75-805 hand held. Why? I don't know, I just had to have it for $30. I can say I love my J&M headset. The sound quality is the best! Right up there with expensive ear buds.

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