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Thread: How do I obtain an international motorcycle license?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlearl476 View Post
    Although it doesn't cover me in Europe, I have AAA RV+ insurance which is in a whole different league than normal AAA roadside protection. Covers MCs, free gas, 100 mile towing instead of 25, etc. Check with your local AAA, not all states provide the RV+ plan.
    The standard ADAC package includes 5 days of rental car and 5 nights of hotel stay, should your vehicle have a problem. They will also return your vehicle from where ever it is in Europe to your choice service provider in Germany.
    --Darryl Richman, forum liaison

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrylRi View Post
    You don't have to be an ADAC member to get liability insurance from them. It has cost on the order of $50/month to get this "green card" insurance.
    ΤιΌ22 per month to be exact, which ends up being roughly US$33 per month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalRider View Post
    ΤιΌ22 per month to be exact, which ends up being roughly US$33 per month.
    This month, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddiekilowatt View Post
    I read a long time ago that if you wanted to ride in foreign countries, one should obtain an international motorcycle license. I can't find where to get one of these. I'm from the U.S. and am planning to ride through Europe this spring on a borrowed R90 that I will have to insure. Any ideas of how to obtain this license, or find decent insurance for a month or two? Thanks for looking!
    I applied for and received one two years in a row. Here's the link for the application. You send in two pasport size photos. (just a few dollars at walgreens or other one-hour photo places.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltljohn View Post
    When I went to Europe a few years ago I went to AAA for the license. I would check with Globalrider, he spends lots of time in Europe and can probably provide some good info.
    Yeah, AAA does it , got one there this summer for $15 I think.

    I went to spain recently, rented a hertz car out of Bilbao,, the woman at the desk said she had never seem on of them before.

    Go on and do a search in the European forums.

    or here you go,,

    looks like having a translated document is valuable in certain instances,, Italy, Greece,,, Its only $15 and takes a few minutes to get,,, cheap insurance.

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