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Thread: Two-Wheeled Texans video

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    Two-Wheeled Texans video

    A ride around Texas courtesy of Two-Wheeled Texans. Played to the tune of Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere"

    Lots's of BMW's so don't nitpick

    Our club Reidmeister sent it saying a goal for us this year. I was amazed how many of the out of the way places and funny little stops I have already been thru and visited... a few while out today !
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    Excellent stuff.
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    I like that. The guy can sing. Somebody up in Kansas who we had never heard of sent the link back to us with the note that Johny Cash had done this neat Texas video.
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    Thumbs up

    Very cool video!!

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    Love it !!!

    Oh yeah.

    (Hate to say it, but it might even be just as good as the cover of the original that the MOA Men's Chorus did in Lima a few years back)

    I waannaa go to Texas.
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    Great Video especially when you see some of the top favorite riding spots.

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    There is a core TWT group that puts something like this together every year and it is unveiled at there New Years gathering.
    This year there trying to do a Texas prison photo op. done to Jail House Rock. Problem they are running into is the Texas prison system is NOT fond of people stopping out front and snapping pictures.
    Some people need an excuse to ride. What ever it takes, some go to rallies, some take pictures some bend curves.
    I Like it all.

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