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Thread: Another hello!

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    The solo seat set up for single cylinder bikes uses the spring set up . I don't know if it would fit, and it would be "incorrect" for a twin.

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    yeah the earles twin (55-68) solo seats sit on a rubber block, no springs. i find the saddle far far more appealing visually than bench seats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slash2 View Post
    I need to find out more about installing a solo saddle....
    I bought a solo driver's seat (Denfeld) from Bench Mark Works. Looks good and fit fine...

    The best thing I've seen as far as helping with the installation was on page 64 of Motorrad Stemler's parts book for the R69S. It shows all of the pieces...the difficult thing was understanding the orientation of the rubber block.
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    Well, unfortunately, the bike I was looking at may have been sold in the meanwhile. Title was out of state, and the California DMV wants sales tax on-registration when transferring title from another state - even on private transactions.

    While I was working on the details, someone else may have gotten it. Looks like I will be on the sidelines for another couple months, unless the deal falls through.

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    CA is not alone in requiring sales tax payments even on out of state transactions. WA does it too, that I know of, and I understand it's not uncommon elsewhere.

    The one way around the CA sales tax is to buy it and hold it out of state for, I believe it now is, 90 days. This is known as the yacht owners provision in some quarters. (Buy a boat for delivery to Baja, cruise around for 3 months, then come home and register it.)

    A few years ago this little provision became a bit of a political football, so the legislature changed it to 1 year... but with a sunset clause, and it has since reverted to 90 days.

    I am not a lawyer, do not play one on TV, and did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. This advice is worth what you paid for it. But I made use of this provision when I bought my R52 in Germany and then, after a year and a half while it was being worked on, imported it and registered it. Many DMV clerks don't know about it, so you will have to find the provision and bring a copy with you.
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